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YouTuber Raw Alignment Confirms She’s Not Vegan Anymore

Raw Alignment
Image: Instagram/Raw Alignment

Raw vegan YouTuber Alyse, known on social media as Raw Alignment, finally released a statement confirming that she’s not vegan anymore.

In her latest YouTube video, Alyse officially confirmed that she quit veganism months ago, claiming that the diet intensified her health issues caused by mold exposure.

Her fans have been speculating about her real vegan status since she shared her health struggles last year as well as being discovered pinning egg recipes on Pinterest this year.

“There have been comments and messages floating around the Interweb that I am a liar, that I’m lying to myself, that I’m lying to you and I just wan to clear that up because I literally have not said ever that I am vegan at a point that I wasn’t vegan,” said Alyse in her latest video.

“I also want to clear up the perception that I am about to ruin or have been ruining my business or this community because veganism is the foundation … of Raw Alignment — and that’s not true.”

“Raw Alignment has always been about spreading love to as many people as you possibly can and about growing and expanding as a human being and trying new things.”

She then shared her health struggles when she had mold exposure, including having symptoms such as minor headache, loss of appetite, memory loss, and inability to articulate herself.

She added that she realized her vegan diet affected the intensity of her symptoms, which led her to change her external environment by moving out of her home as well as her “internal environment” by leaving veganism.

Vegan fans were not convinced with Alyse’s reason for quitting veganism, adding that it took a long time for her to finally announce that she quit veganism so she can still make money off the vegan label.

“You monetized this video? That just shows this is all for the money,” said a vegan fan.

“First video ever posted to raw alignment: 0:220:31 ‘I created this channel to motivate and inspire all of you to eat a whole foods fully raw VEGAN diet…’ – Alyse FACT,” confirmed another.

“Of course she waited until AFTER the success of her ridiculously expensive vegan retreat… Girl, dancing around the truth spreading misconceptions is a form of dishonesty,” another vegan commented.

A vegan added: “Yep. 3 months she has been eating animal products. But only vegan food was provided at the retreat in Australia. So of course she waited until she got back from Australia before announcing she is no longer vegan.”

“Dude, you ate crackers with guacamole and lettuce for the WHOLE day. You don’t need to eat meat to remedy that diet,” commented another.

“I hear a lot of excuses that seem to hide the real problem – you are still struggling with eating disorder tendencies and that’s why Veganism didn’t work for you…? Just my opinion. Girl if you know you are not healthy physically and mentally, you should not be guiding so many vulnerable people with a business – people who are struggling like yourself are taking advice from someone who is not healed. Might want to back out if this career choice,” said another.

“Water fasts, juice cleanses, raw diets, mold, colonics, suppositories, candida diet, now fish is the answer. Just another phase in a long line of confusion and unsubjectivity,” added another vegan.

Other vegans pointed out that Alyse has never been vegan, only on a plant-based diet, as she bought a puppy from a breeder even though vegans are not supposed to support businesses that exploit and hurt animals aside from not eating and using animal-derived food and products.

She was also slammed by fans for promoting “grass-fed” beef and “free-range” eggs despite knowing the truth that “free range,” “humane,” and “grass-feed” mean nothing as many undercover investigations have already proven that animals in “humane” farms are still treated inhumanely.

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Roxanne Libatique

Written by Roxanne Libatique

Roxanne is a vegan journalist and advocate for animal rights and mental health. She tries to live consciously and spends her free time traveling, enjoying vegan food, volunteering, and speaking up for all animals. Connect with her at @roxlibatique on Twitter and Instagram.

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