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Young people marched to Congress to call for action against climate change in the Global Climate Strike

Young people took to the streets of the world again to demand concrete action from governments against climate change. In Buenos Aires, environmentalists and militants of social movements and political organizations marched through the streets of Buenos Aires to Congress in the framework of the so-called Global Strike for Climate.

The movement began in 2018 from an action by Greta Thunberg, an 18-year-old Swedish environmental activist and founder of Friday for the Future, who on this day was at the forefront of the demonstration in Berlin, where they gathered in front of the building of the Reichstag, the German Parliament, with a unique message: actions to combat climate change.

In a request carried out through social and environmental organizations around the world, even with claims from the United Nations and the European Union, one of the outstanding focuses is the use of sustainable energy that does not affect the environment.

In Buenos Aires, young people flooded the streets of Buenos Aires until the National Congress in the eighth global mobilization for the climate under the slogan “Social justice is environmental justice.”

The demonstration went from Plaza de Mayo to Plaza Congreso, where they held an act as part of the global protest for the climate crisis, which was also replicated in the main cities of the country, to demand urgent measures on an issue that seems to be on the fringes of the political agenda.

“Today there was an unprecedented event in the history of the socio-environmental movement because thousands of partisan, social and civil society organizations promoted a call that unifies social justice with environmental justice“, said to Telam Bruno Rodríguez (21), a reference for the organization Jóvenes por el Clima Argentina.

The central demands of the mobilization were the request for a transition towards a sustainable production model; Agroecology without animal exploitation; laws of access to land, containers, wetlands; investment in renewable energy; a correct financing of the Law of Forests and fire management; and, above all, not to the Hydrocarbons Law.

“Environmental justice is social justice”, read the flag that led the march and was preceded by the artistic intervention of the “angels of the violet brigade” with which the environmental organization XR Argentina sought to represent the transmutation “to have a healthy planet” and “demand that governments take climate action now,” explained Ornella Belén, a participant in XR.

During the mobilization, posters with messages such as “Wake Up Now” were seen; “There is no planet B”; “Not one degree +, not one species less”; “Let’s not destroy what keeps us alive.”

Before starting the event on the stage located in front of the Congress, a batucada made up of dozens of women made the attendees dance that formed a semicircle around them. While the batucada was playing, a group from the organization Rebelión y Extinción Argentina painted a part of the Congress building in green shouting “Enough of painting yourself green, enough of this shit. “

“We are tired of the greenwashing of governments that do not carry out immediate climate action, which is what science says, that is why we did this direct non-violent action,” said Ricardo Guzmán, one of the leaders of the movement.

Greta Thunberg reproached politicians for “not doing enough”

In Berlin, the environmental activist Greta Thunberg led the demonstration and reproached the political parties “not doing enough” to fight against climate change, in a speech given before thousands of mobilized people, two days before the German legislative elections.

“Yes, we must vote and you must vote. But do not forget that voting alone will not be enough. We must continue to take to the streets and demand that our leaders take concrete measures in favor of the climate,” roared the Swedish activist.

In this context, the young woman expressed that “it is clearer than ever that the political parties are not doing enough. But there is something even worse. They do not even propose sufficient commitments to respect the Paris Agreement “to reduce global warming.

The truth is that climate change is a huge challenge for Germany, the fourth world economic power with large polluting industries.

Meanwhile, the British police arrested 39 people who blocked access to the Port of Dover during global protests against climate change.

The activists belong to the group Insulate Britain, which had already carried out blockades on the outskirts of London recently, and which calls for an improvement in the insulation of houses in the United Kingdom to fight against climate change, according to AFP.

For its part, in Ecuador, the declaration of country’s climate emergency, on the occasion of the Global Strike for the Climate that has been summoned this Friday in the whole planet, highlighted EFE.

“We demand that the climate emergency be declared in Ecuador so that the necessary resources are allocated for a just ecological transition. We also demand that young people be put at the center and at the forefront of climate action,” he said at a press conference held in Quito by local leader Daniel Villamar.

“Young people and citizens from all over the world have called together in an unprecedented action to demand urgent action in the face of this emergency,” said the young environmental leader.

Furthermore, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, urged everyone to “end the war against nature” and to take decisive steps to curb climate change.

Michel, in his speech to the UN General Assembly, warned that the planet is at a “crossroads” after centuries of “torture” to a nature that is now responding with an extreme climate with devastating consequences.

“It is time to sign a peace treaty with our planet,” defended the Belgian politician, who pointed to the fight against climate change as the great global priority in the run-up to the next climate summit (COP26) to be held in Glasgow ( United Kingdom).

In parallel, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, called on world leaders and companies to invest massively in clean energies to fight climate change.

“We have a double imperative: to end energy poverty and limit climate change,” Guterres declared on the occasion of the high-level dialogue on energy organized on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

More than 35 States, organizations and companies such as TotalEnergies, Schneider Electric and Google, detailed this Friday their respective roadmaps in this area, in the so-called “Energy Pacts”. The total of announced commitments amounts to more than $ 400 billion.

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