You Can Now Take Vegan Cruises All over the Globe

Image: Facebook/ Vegan Travel

Vegan travel is better than it’s ever been. There are vegan hotels and resorts all over the globe, but vegan travelers have access to completely vegan vacations on the ocean as well.

German company Vegan Travel made history when it organized the world’s first vegan cruise, which set sail from London to Norway in 2017 with more than 1800 passengers on board.

Now the travel company operates several cruises out of multiple international destinations each year.

Cruises scheduled for this year include a 7-night Rhone River cruise in the South of France, a 7-night Chile fjord cruise that also features ancient glaciers, a 7-night cruise along the Mekong Delta from Cambodia to Vietnam and a 6-night cruise from Hungary to Germany.

Image: Facebook/ Vegan Travel

Vegan Travel’s cruises take all the worries off the minds of vegan travelers by ensuring that everything from the food and cocktails down to the toiletries are vegan, so that all passengers have to do is show up and enjoy a fully-vegan vacation.

The company is able to do this by chartering an entire ship, taking it over completely and then creating a vegan tour for guests.

Vegan Travel even brings one of their vegan chefs from Europe on board the ship to work with the crew of the cruise ships as they typically are not trained in vegan cuisine.

Managing Director Dirk Bocklage, a former cruise ship performer, previously told Forbes that he believes there is a big demand for vegan travel, and non-vegan travelers are also interested in experiencing a vegan cruise.

“There are more vegans out there now, but also people who hadn’t considered going on a vegan holiday before are growing in number,” said Bocklage.

“The first vegan river cruise we did there were only Germans on board. Now there are 50% English-speaking guests from America, the UK and Australia.”

Bocklage added that his company sees between a 90-95% occupancy rate for each cruise.

Vegan Travel is hoping to be able to use eco-friendly ships that run on electricity or gas in the future, but for now, they only charter vessels that don’t run on heavy fuels in order to minimize their environmental impact.

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