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Casa Albets: Spain’s 4-Star Vegan Luxury Hotel

Image: Casa Albets

If visiting Spain is on your bucket list, this four-star, luxury and eco-friendly vegan hotel might be worth the experience.

Located in the Catalonia city of Lleida, Casa Albets is an all-vegan hotel surrounded by nature, offering high-quality vegan meals, massages and even yoga classes.

Guests can also rent bikes, and seeing as Casa Albets sits on almost 494 acres of land, it might be a good idea to get one.

Image: Casa Albets

The hotel building is a converted 11th century mansion run by entrepreneur and Director Megan Albets, whose family has owned the building since it was built, and her partner Joel Llurda, who has been in the hotel industry for a decade and manages the restaurant.

“We came to live in this house in 2015. This was Megan’s family house and it was abandoned back then,” Llurda said to Vegan World News.

“Short after that we felt this house should come to life again and began thinking about different projects.”

The once-abandoned building was renovated and converted into a hotel in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Image credit: Casa Albets

For one, most of the hotel’s furniture, which was made with wood from the Albets estate, is handmade. Additionally, the linen and mattresses are all handmade with eco-friendly, vegan materials.

Casa Albets is heated with a biomass boiler using locally-sourced wood pellets, which is a renewable energy source. However, the hotel still plans to switch to solar panels.

Casa Albets’ fine-dining restaurant, which offers three-course meals, also prepares its dishes with the environment in mind as they are made with locally-sourced food prepared by vegan chef Toni Rodriguez.

Image credit: Casa Albets

Even the sewer system is eco-friendly. “Casa Albets has a system that separates solid and liquid waste,” the hotel’s website states.

“Once the solid waste is set apart, they are taken to a wastewater treatment plant. The liquid waste is sent to anatural purifications system where, thanks to the action of certain aquatic plants, it becomes apt for ground infiltration.”

Casa Albets, which launched in October 2017, currently has seven rooms, but Llurda says they are planning to add two more rooms that will be ready by July.

The hotel tells us that guests, who mainly come from the Barcelona area, are mostly neither vegan nor vegetarian.

Casa Albets

“They are about middle-aged and come with a partner. But we also have many foreign costumers [sic], and vegan costumers [sic], for sure,” he said.

Casa Albets has also generously donated some of its land to an animal sanctuary.

“In the short term, we have given some of our land to a vegan animal sanctuary that was in search of a new place,” said Llurda.

“We are very excited with this project, since it expands our work and impact in the wellbeing of all animals, and it also helps other entrepeneurs [sic] so they can keep working for such an important cause. We also plan opening a spa in our hotel, and a swimming pool.”

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