World’s First Vegan Live Map Launches to Help People Find Vegan Businesses

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The world’s first vegan live map, which will display the locations and present status of vegan establishments, is set to launch this week.

Vegannection, creator of the world’s first vegan prepaid virtual card, has come up with a new innovative tool to make life easier for its customers.

The world’s first vegan live map is a feature of Vegannection, which gives users access to realtime updates on the locations and opening hours of more than 30 Vegannection partner establishments in London.

Businesses on the map range from grocery stores, restaurants, caterers and fast food joints all the way to hair salons, clothing shops and even a tattoo studio, all of which are 100% vegan.

In addition to showing the locations and hours, the live map features up-to-the-minute information, including icons that turn green when the vegan businesses are open or trading.

Users can also access the establishments’ descriptions, links to social media pages, as well as special offers, promotions and any additional information the businesses choose to share.

Vegannection, which was launched in January, can only be used in vegan partner establishments in London, but the company stated that it has plans to expand into other European and worldwide locations in the future.

The card already has users in over 40 countries, according to the company, despite its recent launch and the fact that the card is still presently only available in London.

The live map will be available to everyone on March 9, 2019.

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