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With grace, acidity and self-criticism, Ana Milan created a comedy (unmissable) in her image and likeness

Ana Milan is funny, she is self-critical, she knows how to laugh at herself (and she knows how to laugh with others), she knows how to handle acidity, provocation, grace, brutal honesty. All those sticks that define this Spanish actress are the same ones that hold the soul of By Ana Milán, a series to digest in one bite. And surely more than one will be left wanting more.

For them -we-, peace of mind, there is already a second season.

For now, in Argentina you can see the first, available in Flow since last week (and in Movistar Play). It has the agility and duration that many marathoners in the world ask for. streaming. And above, acted like Milan: intensity in its purest form. There are eight episodes of less than half an hour each.

“By Ana Milan” already has a second season, but it has not yet arrived in Argentina.

Beyond her previous good jobs, as Professor Olimpia of physics or chemistry -An old youth series starring Úrsula Corberó, from a time when I didn’t even think about Tokyo or La casa de papel- or Sara Montiel from Poison, Ana Milan has also been in the news for her reflections and funny posts from the networks. Especially on days (like these, still) of pandemic.

The Atresplayer Premium series, released in Europe in November 2020, treasures a good part of these stories, which, Told in the first person, it gives By Ana Milan a kind of biographical framework. It is not a biopic, nor a self-portrait: it is an X-ray of the picturesque Milan, which dares to show itself with lights and shadows, so real that it generates empathy, but with certain licenses that fiction gave him.

A recommendation: if you decide to watch the series, do not go around looking for what is true in each scene that is told.

That Ana Milan from the series may be one hundred percent that of real life … of course not so much. But surely there are more than 80, to say by the things that have spontaneously been counting.

The story begins when Ana is about to go through what she imagines as the best day of his life. She is seen dressed in a wedding dress, ready to give the “Yes, I want”, and about to star in a movie, because the Ana Milan of the series is also an actress, Sure.

And, suddenly, Mario (Israel Elejalde) disappears without giving explanations, the shooting vanishes and what he was painting for better becomes the worst day. Disoriented, sad and scared, he wanders more than he walksBut, perhaps without knowing it, the character builds a very interesting path in that grayish gait, both for his own review and for the delight of the public.

She seems to have been left alone, but Ana is supported by his group of stalwarts, with Rebeca (Pilar Bergés) at the head. His are collection dialogues.

One hears talking to that Ana masterfully interpreted by Milan and he feels he is reading the Milan of the networks, or listening to the one of the interviews, and he does not find in that woman almost any of his previous creatures. Not only because of its versatility, but because the actress was encouraged to look, with grace, for the composition that the mirror returned to her. Image that does not always like, but never distorts.


Qualification: Very good

Comedy Hero: Ana Milan Creator: Ana Milan Director: Romulo Aguillaume Issue: First season on Flow (and Movistar Play).


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