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Will Lucifer make a movie ?: This is what its protagonists say

With the ending of Lucifer now available on Netflix, fans are wondering if there are any chances for a movie. This is what its protagonists said.

After so much waiting and a pandemic in between, Lucifer finally premiered its sixth season on the Netflix platform. This installment will serve as the denouement of the story, which means that we will no longer see Tom Ellis in the skin of the protagonist. Or at least we think so. Fans are looking forward to seeing a movie of the characters, will it be possible? The protagonists of the series were consulted on this matter and said the following.

During a recent interview with TheWrap, the protagonists of Lucifer spoke about the possibility of fiction having a movie. In this sense, Lauren German, actress who gave life to Chloe, revealed that she would love to continue the story with a comedy film. “My fantasy is to shoot a Lucifer movie but in the Naked Gun style and Land as you can So we could ask the fans if they agree that the Lucifer movie has that style”, joked the actress.

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Will there be a movie?

Why does Lucifer end in its sixth season?

There is no doubt that Lucifer showrunners dare to do anything. In the Netflix series, fans already had the opportunity to see a musical episode and another animated one. So a comedy movie doesn’t sound that far-fetched. Still, Lauren German and Tom Ellis know that Lucifer has already come to an end with season six, so there will be no movie sequel.

“It seems like the perfect time”, said Tom Ellis when asked about the end of Lucifer. “Never say never and all that stuff, but this feels like the perfect time to end.”, he assured. The protagonist also claims that “does not know” if he will bring the character back to life at some point. If i had to go back “At least the movie sounds fun”.

“Tom said it very well. How did you say it? It is the perfect moment to say goodbye ”, added the actress.

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