Wildfires in western U.S. cover New York City with smoke

Health authorities warned that vulnerable people, including pregnant women and the elderly, may experience some breathing difficulties, as well as sore throats and watery eyes when exposed to the air.

The images published today in local media showed that the sun was orange-red due to the conditions caused by the arrival of smoke from the fires.

The weather conditions come after at least 83 wildfires tore through 13 states in the western United States in the past few days, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

Many of the fires are still burning, driven by winds and high temperatures.

“We are seeing a lot of fires that produce an enormous amount of smoke, and by the time the smoke reaches the eastern part of the country, where it usually dissolves, there is so much smoke in the atmosphere from all these fires that it is still quite thick,” he told USA Today David Lawrence, National Weather Service expert.

Forecasters had warned last week that the fires were likely to reach the east coast of the country, causing health problems.

According to the characteristics of the fires, the smoke clouds can travel hundreds of kilometers.

At the end of last week, dense clouds of smoke were visible over the Great Lakes region of the United States, in the heart of the country.

Meteorologist Carl Erickson had warned in an interview with the New York Post that the thick layer of smoke would reach New York City starting Tuesday.

“What would normally have been a nice sunny day with blue skies will probably have that milky, hazy look in the sky,” Erickson said, adding that “there could be some pretty beautiful sunsets, enhanced and vibrant by that smoke.”

Forecasters said the winds could clear much of the smoke clouds starting over the weekend.


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