Wide Receiver Eli Rogers Goes Vegan to Help Him Unleash Full Potential

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Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Eli Rogers is now vegan and says he is feeling healthy and ready to take his game to the next level.

Rogers, who spent much of last season rehabbing an injury to his knee, told that he has recovered and suggested his vegan diet played a role when asked about his recovery.

“Oh yeah, I’m ready to go. [I’m] Vegan, very healthy, mentally healthy. My body feels great and I’m ready to put some real work in this offseason to lay a great foundation out here this season,” said Rogers.

Rogers, who went undrafted out of Louisville in 2015 when the Steelers decided to give him a chance, said he is grateful for the opportunity but stated that he is ready to take his game to the next level.

“I haven’t done anything yet,” Rogers said. “I’m blessed for this opportunity but I don’t feel like I haven’t done anything that I’ve pictured in my brain to that magnitude. There’s a lot that I’m still ready to explore and get down to.”

Rogers recently signed a two-year contract extension with the Steelers and stated that he is thankful and will make the most out of the opportunity.

He joins a growing list of NFL stars going vegan to improve performance.

Last year, at least 15 Tennessee Titans switched to a vegan diet to improve performance, starting when linebacker Derrick Morgan went vegan, and his teammates enjoyed the food his wife cooked, leading them to join him on a plant-based diet.

Among them was Wesley Woodyard who was initially unconvinced about a vegan diet, stating, “Y’all crazy with this vegan thing,” during training camp. “I’m from LaGrange, Georgia. I’m going to eat my pork.”

However, it wasn’t long before the linebacker joined his teammates and started eating vegan as they reported weight loss, faster recovery and improved performance.

Athletes in other sports are also making the switch and reporting similar results.

NBA player JaVale McGee credited vegan burgers for his improved performance, and NBA champ Kyrie Irving has also noted similar results since going vegan.

“I had to get away from that,” said Irving about animal products. “So my energy is up. My body feels amazing.”

Both Venus and Serena Williams started consuming a vegan diet and have also reported improvements since doing so.

“Changing my diet has made a big difference,” said Venus.

And with legendary athletes like Tom Brady, who eats mostly vegan, crediting a plant-based diet for helping him excel even at the age of 41, this trend is likely here to stay.

Image credit: Flickr/ Keith Allison

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