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Who is Kathy Hochul, the first woman to rule New York after the resignation of Andrew Cuomo

As Lieutenant Governor of New York, Kathy HochulHe has been on the road for years as the friendly face of government, visiting remote coffee shops and factories in each of the state’s 62 counties for countless grand opening ceremonies and lively civic events.

Now, with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation Tuesday over allegations of sexual harassment, Your next stop will be the State Capitol in Albany.

Hochul will become in the first woman who governs this state of United States once Cuomo’s resignation takes effect in two weeks.

“As someone who has served at all levels of government and is next in line, I am prepared to lead as Governor 57 of the State of New York” he said in a statement Tuesday.

The centrist democrat from western New York, has worked in Cuomo’s shadow during his two terms in office, but last week joined other politicians in denouncing the governor after an independent investigation found he sexually harassed 11 women during his tenure. mandate.

“I believe these brave women.”wrote Hochul, who called Cuomo’s behavior “repulsive and illegal” in a statement last Tuesday.

After Cuomo announced his decision to resign, Hochul said it was “the right thing and the best for New Yorkers.”

For many New Yorkers, Hochul is a mystery, holding a position since 2015 that is mostly ceremonial. On a typical afternoon in late July, he announced funding for job training in Utica, discussed manufacturing in Rome, and toured downtown Cazenovia with the mayor of the small town.

Not at all comparable with introductions from the determinedly notorious Cuomo, who does virtually all of his work from Albany and New York City, and whose daily reports of the coronavirus became national events at the height of the pandemic.

Hochul has not been part of the inner circle of assistants and allies of Cuomo. Her name was not mentioned in the investigative report, released by state attorney Letitia James, which details not only allegations of harassment against Cuomo, but also attempts by her staff to discredit some of her accusers.

But at 62 years old, Hochul is an experienced politician, who has participated in 11 campaigns that have taken her from her town council to Congress, where she represented a conservative western New York district after a surprising victory in 2011 in a special election to fill a vacancy in the House of United States Representatives.

Without Cuomo

Reactions to the withdrawal of the important governor were not long in coming, beginning with that of the New York prosecutor, Letitia James, who considered that “a sad chapter closes” but “an important step towards justice” is taken, thanking Cuomo’s “contributions” and welcoming Hochul.

Most of those who have turned their backs on the politician highlighted the efforts of the complainants, including the White House, whose spokesperson, Jen Psaki, praised “brave women who stepped forward and told their stories (to allow) the investigation “into the governor.

Psaki avoided adopting a celebratory tone and merely indicated that President Biden I had already asked for a resignation a week ago of that prominent figure of his party, after the report of the Prosecutor’s Office was published.

The Mayor of the Big Apple, Bill de Blasio, with whom Cuomo had a public enmity, also settled: “Make no mistake, this is the result of survivors having bravely told their stories. It was about time Andrew Cuomo resigned and it is for the good of all of New York.”

Source: AP and EFE



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