What did Alejandro Fantino do with Intratables?

What did Alejandro Fantino do with Intratables?

On a circular table, four or five guests and a topic of the day to talk while dining in front of cameras. With this new segment attached to the traditional format of Intractable (America, at 22), Alejandro Fantino was installed in prime time television and generated controversy.

After the departure of Fabián Doman (he left driving to dedicate himself to other tasks), Paulo Vilouta temporarily took over the journalistic cycle.

But, a week after officially assuming driving, Fantino swerved and introduced “A la carte with Fantino”. In this segment (more program than segment, to tell the truth), the driver dines with his guests and, With this novelty, the program registry changed completely.

A one side was the original format, with debate and panelists, which was already a registered trademark of the channel’s prime time.

Guests choose the menu a few hours before.

The risk that America was encouraged to take shuffling and giving again (but under the same title) is not being accompanied by the audience. Some rating marks of the first week: on Tuesday, July 13, for example, it measured 1.8 points, while on Wednesday it fell to 0.9.

On Friday, already with the new segment of the table –a surprise for the loyal audience of Intratables– It closed with 1.9, the same number that it reached on Monday 18. And this Tuesday it achieved just 1.5 points, far from the channel’s podium. All figures lower than those achieved by the cycle in the Doman era, with averages of between 2 and 3 points per day.

The first time Fantino innovated with the table, in the Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand but at night, Alejandra “Locomotora” Oliveras, actress Ana Acosta, politician Julio Garro and former soccer player Carlos Fernando Navarro Montoya participated in the segment.

On Monday it was the turn of Juan “Látigo” Coggi, boxer Erica “Pantera” Farías, Martín Tetaz and Hernán “El Loco” Montenegro. Then, in the last part of the program, the usual panelists, Diego Brancatelli, Paulo Vilouta, Débora Plager, Claudio Savoia, Gustavo Grabia, Nacho Ortelli and Martín Candalaft joined to debate current issues.

In this Tuesday’s broadcast, Fantino gathered Alejandro Di Chiara, the mayor of Monte Hermoso; the former Secretary of Health of the Nation, Adolfo Rubinstein; former soccer player Enrique Hrabina; to actress Adriana Brodsky and Sergio “Tronco” Figliuolo, a childhood friend of the driver, to celebrate Friend’s Day.

During the first part, which he called the “five-step menu,” the excluding issue was the Boca-Mineiro party scandal, in Belo Horizonte.

In the second part, he returned to the traditional debate format, but of the usual panelists only Savoia, Brancatelli and Grabia were present. In addition to the topic referring to the Copa Libertadores, there was also space for other topics, with the writer Santiago O’Donnell.

Neither the host nor the show’s production explained if the format that now seems to toggle A la carte with Fantino with the debate by the panelists It is here to stay or is it something temporary.

If the segment with dinner guests is installed, several of the journalists who have been part of the program for several seasons may be relegated.

The bewilderment and uncertainty of the panelists is widespread, since they do not know if their work will continue in the usual space. The arrival of Fantino with this variant took everyone by surprise and, according to some close sources, there is nothing too organized, since they find out a few hours before if that day is their turn or not to go on the air.

Fantino made his debut as host of "Intratables" with a music show dedicated to the Argentine National Team.

Fantino made his debut as host of “Intratables” with a music show dedicated to the Argentine National Team.

The situation, for now, causes more bad mood than rating.

Before arriving at Intractable, in a year of marked political agenda, Fantino was at the forefront of the magazine Fantino in the afternoon, which was at 16, on the same channel and is now replaced by the cycle In the afternoon conducted by Karina Mazzocco, with current affairs. usually measures as much or more than the new Fantino Intratables.


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