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Violence in the United States: the shooting near the Pentagon leaves “several victims”

A shooting registered this Tuesday in the vicinity of the Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, caused “several victims”An official source reported, without clarifying whether they were killed or injured.

The head of the Pentagon Protection Force Agency, Woodrow Kusse, indicated in a press conference that the incident occurred at around 10:37 am (11:37 am in Argentina), on one of the platforms that serves the different bus lines that pass through the area.

“A Pentagon Officer Was Attacked on the Metrobus platform, shots were exchanged and there were several victims, “said the officer, without making it clear whether they were killed or injured.

An Associated Press reporter near the building heard several shots, then a pause, and then at least one more shot.

Another AP reporter overheard an agent who screamed “shooter”.

At the time of the incident, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley were meeting at the White House with President Joe Biden.

However, CNN indicated, citing three official sources, that a policeman died as a result of the shooting.

Kusse refrained from confirming the aggressor’s status, after versions emerged that he had died, and it did not clarify whether the event posed a threat to the security of the complex.

According to Kusse, there is a “ongoing investigation”, and promised to provide more “details” later, ensuring that the information available is “preliminary.”

“The situation has been resolved, but the investigation must continue, “added the officer, who said he did not know the reason for the incident.


The Pentagon remained closed for more than an hour after the shooting, which took place near one of the main entrances to the compound, located in Arlington, on the outskirts of Washington DC, and which is used daily by thousands of Defense Department employees.

While from the Pentagon no further information has been provided Of those injured, emergency services have reported “several injuries” while responding to a call for an “incident of active violence” in the Pentagon subway area.

The Pentagon has dozens of bus routes and metro lines. Its station is the eighth busiest this year on the Washington DC metro network, with more than 2,400 daily passengers, a far cry from the 15,000 who traveled before the pandemic.

This event recalled two incidents that occurred in 2010, one of which involved in March of that year a 36-year-old man, John Patrick Bedell, who wounded two soldiers after opening fire on a security post at that headquarters.

Subject died after confronting the police who responded to the attack.

Months later, in October, the Pentagon was shot at, which hit two windows in a part of the building that was being rebuilt and remained unoccupied.

The pandemic unleashed an arms race in America, but now, after months of crazy shopping, the country is running out of ammunition. “We are doing everything possible to satisfy the demand,” the producers assured, while in many stores, bales are scarce and prices are rising

Source: EFE and AP



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