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Venezuela: Hugo Carvajal, a former Chavista general claimed by the United States, was arrested in Spain.

The Spanish National Police arrested Hugo Armando Carvajal, known as “Pollo Carvajal” in Madrid on Thursday, a former Venezuelan Chavista general whose whereabouts are unknown since November 2019 and who was wanted by the US to be tried for drug trafficking, money laundering and collaboration with the FARC.

Police sources have informed Efe that Carvajal’s arrest was carried out at night in Madrid on Torrelaguna street in the capital by agents of group two of Fugitives of the National Police, in collaboration with agents of the North American DEA.

Hugo Carvajal, who had an arrest warrant in force and imprisonment for the execution of the extradition to the United States, was in a home protected by multiple persons. In that house, according to sources, he was a refugee without ever going outside.

The entry into the property it has been carried out by judicial authorization and it has been executed by members of the Police Intervention Unit (UIP), the riot police.

Another arrest

Later he has been transferred to the premises of the Group of fugitives located in the Canillas police complex, police sources have indicated to EFE.

This is the second time that Carvajal has been arrested in Spain. In April 2019 he was also arrested in Madrid after entering the country with a false passport, but the National High Court denied his extradition on the understanding that the US was claiming him for “political motivation”, for which he was released.

Months later, in November 2019, the plenary session of the Court’s Criminal Chamber finally agreed to his extradition, but Carvajal had already disappeared.

Still on the run, his lawyers appealed to the Supreme Court the agreement adopted by the Council of Ministers on March 3 to execute the extradition after it was authorized by the National Court, and they asked for the precautionary suspension of the order alleging that the accusations were not true and that the sole purpose of the US is to torture him to obtain information on Venezuela.

Carvajal was head of the Military Counterintelligence Directorate of Venezuela for eight years, in the governments of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro, and the United States. accuses him of drug trafficking, money laundering and collaboration with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to introduce drugs into US territory.

With Guaidó

In February 2019, Carvajal placed himself at the command of the president in charge Juan Guaidó and He urged the military to allow humanitarian aid to enter.

The announcement was made through a video posted on his Twitter account where he questioned: “Generals, how is it that having the power to let international humanitarian aid enter our country to save lives, would you decide not to? Will they be so inhuman? Or is it that the courage does not give them to face, as they should, who today orders them to oppress our people?

Similarly, he told Guaidó that “here is one more soldier for the causes of freedom and democracy, to be useful in achieving the objective of reestablishing the constitutional order that allows us to call free elections ”.

At that time, Carvajal was currently a deputy to the National Assembly.

Source: EFE and AP



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