Vegans Shocked to Learn Author of Vegan Recipe Blog Minimalist Baker Not Vegan

Minimalist Baker
Image: Instagram/Dana Shultz

Vegans are shocked after finding out that Dana Shultz, the author of vegan recipe blog Minimalist Baker and other vegan recipe books, is actually not vegan.

Shultz clarified via the Minimalist Baker Instagram story that she’s not vegan when she had a question & answer portion with her fans.

Answering a fan’s question as to why she runs a vegan blog when she’s not vegan, she said on Instagram story: “Veganism is so interesting to me and I love the health benefits and how it helps the planet and confronts mistreatment of animals + factory farming.”

“But right now it’s not sustainable for me to eat vegan 100% of the time, and I’m ok with that.”

Many vegans are shocked with Shultz’s clarification regarding her non-vegan status, especially because she has been showing interest in the lifestyle for years and profiting from her vegan recipe blog and books.

A vegan wrote on Twitter: “Why did I just find out that the woman behind Minimalist Baker isn’t even vegan?!! Like obviously I love all she’s doing and all her recipes, but it’s just not sustainable…?”

“Like how can you know all of the positives and still continue to consume meat?? Not to mention the fact that you’re eating a sentient being that didn’t want to die.”

Another vegan added: “This is really bizarre. Profiting from a movement you don’t truly believe in yourself seems a bit wrong to me? I don’t understand how she can think it’s not sustainable for her when she’s producing plant based recipes for others. So odd.”

“So, it’s okay to profit off veganism but not to do what it takes to actually be vegan? WOWWWWWW. These ‘vegan’ bloggers and cookbook authors that are NOT even vegan, take your money to buy their ‘ethical’ meat with it. Well, I continue to be legit and authentic in this community,” said another.

“It’s sustainable for her readers and sustainable for her bank account but not for her tastebuds. Unless she has another business selling cows milk chocolate and chicken egg cakes… then maybe it’s not as sustainable for her bank account. I’m out,” another commented.

“‘I love how it confronts the mistreatment of animals’ but I’m ok to partake in it??? people surprise me every day,” wrote another.

However, some vegans are fine with Shultz not being vegan as she has provided many creative and delicious vegan recipes that helped people adopt a plant-based diet.

“I wish everyone were vegan, but let’s thank her for helping so many people cook delicious vegan food. She’s probably encouraged a lot of people to go or stay vegan because they don’t have to give up something they crave,” a vegan wrote on Twitter.

“The world isn’t going vegan overnight, if the minimalist baker has made it easier for other people to go vegan and cook vegan then she’s done us a favour! Veganism is supply & demand, it’s not an exclusive club! Vegan is the future, support your allies or we’ll never get there,” said another.

Others pointed out that Shultz never claimed to be vegan, with some even clarifying that her old recipes have honey in the ingredients.

“I’ve looked at her blog every so often for years and she’s never claimed to be vegan…I can even recall how some of her stories mention cutting back on animal products. Her about section even just says plant-based. I’d be upset if she was claiming to be but she never has,” said a Twitter user.

Shultz has not responded to the vegan community’s criticism regarding the issue.

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