Vegan YouTubers Slam Bonny Rebecca for Buying Wool and Feather Items

Bonny Rebecca
Image: Instagram/Bonny Rebecca

Vegan YouTubers slammed Bonny Rebecca for completely turning her back on veganism by buying a wool rug and a sofa with feather fill.

Vegan YouTuber Leanna, better known as Tofu Goddess, released a new video exposing that the furniture that Bonny Rebecca bought in her “DAY IN MY LIFE | Hair Care Routine + New Furniture & PUPPY UPDATE!!” video was non-vegan.

“‘It’s just a rug’ Honestly, if this had occurred in isolation (i.e. she hadn’t just started eating animal products) I would be more willing to assume this was an honest mistake. But it’s not,” said Tofu Goddess on her video’s description.

“It’s why she didn’t provide any links to the website that was selling the furniture and rug in question in her original video.”

“Vegans don’t buy wool. Wool is cruel. Wool belong to the sheep it was stolen from. Bonny Rebecca is a #fakevegan.”

The vegan YouTuber then revealed that the animal-derived wool rug can be bought from Globe West, which stated that the rug contains 55% wool.

She also pinned her comment to reveal that the sofa bought by Bonny contains a “foam and feather fill,” which is non-vegan.

“OH! And I just found out that her new sofa is made with a ‘foam & feather fill.’ It’s the Juno Scandi Left Chaise Sofa Set on the Globe West website. So there’s that,” said Leanna.

The Wool Rug That Bonny Rebecca Bought | Image: Globe West

Other vegan YouTubers can’t help but voice out their opinions regarding the issue, shocked that Bonny Rebecca completely turned away from veganism despite claiming that she went vegan for the animals.

“‘Ethical humane’ So she basically became an ally of the animal exploitation industries spreading their manipulative narrative,” said Sonia Sae.

“That’s the issue with animal exploitation. It’s a switch that you turn off or on. You are vegan and it’s off or you aren’t and it’s on and the dam is broken. I’m sure she will respond with how humanely the wool was harvested, glossing over breeding and any deeper issue with the matter than stocking density,” Mic the Vegan commented.

The Vegan Couple added: “Everyone shows their true colors and intentions eventually… it’s just a matter of time. When you see animals as a commodity for us to use in any way, it’s a fast slippery slope … ‘humane’ eggs to wool and feathers… where will it end? Steak and SeaWorld?”

The Feather-Filled Sofa Set That Bonny Rebecca Bought | Image: Globe West

Bonny recently admitted that she and her boyfriend quit veganism due to gut and skin problems.

According to the ex-vegan YouTuber, she and her boyfriend tried different types of plant-based diets and natural solutions to solve their problems but to no avail.

Now, she and her boyfriend have started eating eggs, fish, and chicken again to heal their skin and gut problems, which she claims are effective.

Other vegans mocked Bonny after seeing Tofu Goddess’ video, saying that “she bought that wool rug for her underlying gut issues, it has special chemicals that gets released into the air and helps the pain.”

Dr. Garth Davis also recently slammed “millennials on YouTube” for quitting veganism — calling them ridiculous.

“My advice for you is totally and completely and utterly ignore [YouTubers] who went from one bad diet to another and going on the winds of change and whatever is new and whatever they’re gonna popularize on their videos,” said Dr. Davis.

“Stick with the scientists that are bringing you good science that talk about what health is, and look at the experts.”

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