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YouTuber Bonny Rebecca Quits Being Vegan Due to Skin and Gut Problems

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After 5 years of being vegan, YouTuber Bonny Rebecca confessed that she is no longer vegan due to skin and gut problems.

In her latest YouTube video, Bonny said she found it hard to talk about the topic but still pushed herself to discuss what happened for the sake of her viewers.

“I don’t know how to start this video, to be honest … I hate hiding from you guys and I feel like I’m almost living a lie so I really wanna get it out there and get it off my chest,” said Bonny at the beginning of her video.

“I was vegan for just over 5 years and it was kind of everything to me. It was my whole life, identity. It was my motivation behind my YouTube channel. It was just my whole world. It was something I believed so strong down to my core.”

The ex-vegan YouTuber confessed that she has not been vegan for the last 6 months due to skin and health problems.

She admitted that she already had skin and gut problems before she became vegan.

And meeting her boyfriend Tim, who was on a plant-based diet at that time, inspired her to go on a plant-based diet in order to heal her gut and become healthier.

“My skin was never great. I had rosacea and just like discoloration in my skin as well as breakouts. I had chronic sinus issues so my sinuses were like blocked all the time, like I could never breathe out of my nose and I had really bad digestion in general. I was constantly constipated,” Bonny explained when she was talking about her health before going vegan.

When Bonny went on a plant-based diet, she said she noticed that she became healthier, had even more energy, and her face and sinuses cleared.

“As soon as I changed my diet, I noticed so many positives,” Bonny admitted.

“My sinuses cleared, I felt like I lost a lot of weight, I was way less puffy, I felt lighter, I felt more energetic. I was really enjoying my food … I just felt so good being able to eat like large meals and everything was really good.”

However, Bonny stated that after a few months, she and her boyfriend started having a few skin problems.

“A lot of my rosacea had cleared up but I started getting pimples in new areas like in particular around my cheeks. I would get really big pimples there. But my skin is cleared up in other places and my sinuses are so much better and I feel so much better,” said Bonny.

“But Tim’s skin is really weird because he had never had acne in his entire life, like even through puberty, growing up his skin was always like perfect.”

According to Bonny, the couple tried different variations of a plant-based diet to solve their problems but their conditions got worse, which pushed them to consult different plant-based doctors and nutritionists, with some advising them to get more protein to solve the problem.

Bonny said her boyfriend started taking antibiotics to clear up his skin and fix his digestive problems but after 3 months, the health problems came back. He was then prescribed with new antibiotics, which he took for 6 months, Bonny stated.

She said their symptoms got worse and they tried to exhaust all options by consulting plant-based doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians as well as undergoing different tests, which later revealed that they have a few nutritional deficiencies.

Bonny said that even after taking different supplements to get healthier, the couple’s conditions did not change, and after a year, test results revealed that she has a parasite while her boyfriend has a bacterial overgrowth and that they both have a few allergies to some plant-based products and ingredients.

According to Bonny, after trying out more plant-based options, the couple eventually decided that all hope is lost so they consulted a new doctor one last time, who advised them to start eating eggs, fish, and chicken again.

The couple obliged and Bonny claims that her boyfriend’s face cleared up and their gut healed.

“I just want to make it very clear that I do not blame veganism for any of my problems. I do not regret going vegan. Veganism still was the best decision I’ve ever made,” Bonny concluded.

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