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Vegan YouTuber Blue Ollis Delivers Her Very First Live Talk

Blue Ollis
Image: Facebook/Vevolution

Vegan activist and YouTuber Blue Ollis, who lives a minimalist and zero waste lifestyle, delivered her very first live talk.

Ollis took to social media to announce that she finally gave her very first live talk, delivered at the Vevolution Topics: Environment event at Roundhouse in Camden.

The talk covered sustainability, including a brief history of her journey into a zero waste lifestyle, the main contributors to climate change, and “actionable advice that we can make waves as individuals and as a society to create a cleaner, greener world.”

“It’s fair to say I have never been more nervous about anything in my life,” Ollis said in a statement. “My nerves were wracked and my heart was thumping in my ears. As an introvert this created a lot of vulnerability for me and my fear was at an all-time high.”

Image Credit: Vevolution

Ollis, who went vegan for the animals, creates YouTube videos about veganism, animal rights, minimalism, and zero waste that reach millions of people.

She also takes part in outreach events, marches, protests, and direct actions where she engages in hard-hitting conversations with the public.

Speaking about her first talk, Ollis said: “I write here and on my website with authenticity and openness that exposes my self to the world, I attend networking events, premieres and launches that are filled with celebrities, CEOs, royalty and inspiring activists… and still noting compares to the nerves I feel when asked to give a speech.”

Image: Vevolution

Ollis explained that she still delivered a talk despite being an introvert because the fear of not using her voice and not doing everything in her power to make a difference far outweighs her fear of standing in front of a crowd.

“Yes, my voice quakes, my hands tremble and my stomach knots, but I will not allow that to be the reason I didn’t change someone’s perspective or light a fire in their belly to be part of the change we need to see in the next 11.5 years before climate catastrophe is irreversible,” she said.

“My vulnerability allows me to knock down all the walls holding me back from being 100% authentic.”

“I stand on stage with my heart completely open as an invitation for you to break yours open, too. Meet me where there is vulnerability because that is also where there is strength, love and the catalyst for change.”

Earthling Ed TEDx Talk
Image: YouTube/TEDx

Aside from Ollis, vegan activist and YouTuber Earthling Ed also delivered talks this year, including two TEDx Talks: “The Ostrich Effect: The Truth We Hide From Ourselves” and “Every Argument Against Veganism.”

Ed’s very first vegan TEDx Talk, “The Ostrich Effect: The Truth We Hide From Ourselves,” was filmed this January at Lund University where he talked about the vegan lifestyle and encouraged people to go vegan.

His second TEDx Talk, “Every Argument Against Veganism,” was filmed at the University of Bath where he debunked all the main arguments that people use to avoid being vegan.

He also recently visited Google’s office in New York to talk to the staff, also known as “Googlers,” about veganism.

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