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Vegan Travelers Furious over ‘Worst Inflight Vegan Dinners’ Ever

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Some Air China passengers who ordered vegan meals on long-haul flights are furious over being served what has been called the “worst” vegan meals.

Air China passenger Florian Kowatz recently took to Twitter to post about his unappetizing meal, which consisted of two thin slices of cucumber between plain, white bread.

“Dear @airchina — your vegetarian meal option on a flight to Vienna from Beijing. Less than disappointing,” Kowatz wrote.

However, he was not the first to be served a sandwich lacking in fillings on Air China.

Since at least early 2018, furious Air China passengers have been posting complaints on social media about what now appears to be one of the airline’s signature meat-free meals.

In January, one Air China passenger went on Facebook posting about her frustration with the sandwiches, which she called “one of the worst inflight vegan dinners in the history of commercial aviation.”

On an 11-hour flight from Beijing to Melbourne, the passenger says she was “thrown” sandwiches with one red lettuce leaf or two small slices of cucumber and no sauces, fruit or other sides.

“This was not snack, this was actual dinner,” she wrote.

Image: Facebook

The passenger’s post was met with laughter even by other vegans. One user replied: “Brutal!!! Satire at it’s finest.”

Another stated: “I would eat the plastic as well, just to be full.”

Image: Facebook

Early in 2018, another dissatisfied Air China passenger received the exact same meal, writing sarcastically on Facebook: “The delicious vegan sandwiches we got on China air flight from Beijing to Sydney.”

While Air China doesn’t seem to be in a rush to replace its unpopular veggie sandwiches, there are actually a number of airlines that get great reviews from vegan travelers for their meals.

A Vegan World News poll of international vegan travelers revealed the best airlines for vegan meals, with Emirates being voted number one.

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