Vegan Sausage Rolls Arrive in America

Fry's Sausage Rolls | Image credit: Fry Family Food Co.

Vegan sausage rolls, made popular by social media, recently made an entrance into the US market, thanks to vegan company Fry’s.

South African vegan meat brand Fry’s, which sells plant-based products like burgers, sausages, pies and seafood, made its U.S. debut last week at the Natural Products Expo West, and it brought along its vegan sausage rolls.

Josh Levine, owner of Oakland-based vegan donut shop Donut Farm, was present at the event and said he had heard about Greggs vegan sausage rolls due to the pastry snack trending on social media starting in January.

A sausage roll is a classic British puff pastry, seasoned with herbs, wrapped around a sausage and glazed with eggs or milk before baking.

“It’s strangely addictive,” Levine told Eater SF about the vegan version of the snack.

“I just wanted to try it because I’ve heard so much, and tried it and I needed to go back and have it again.”

“It’s just yummy. slightly sweet sausage on the inside, flaky crust on the outside.”

Levine was so impressed with the vegan sausage rolls that he acquired some to bake and make available to customers at his restaurant.

Greggs vegan sausage roll was launched in January and started trending on social media as a result of Piers Morgan, who is known to be offended by veganism.

Upon learning of the launch of the vegan sausage roll, Morgan got on social media to criticize Greggsfor offering a vegan sausage roll.

He also supposedly threw up into a trash can after having a bite of the vegan sausage roll while on air, later getting hospitalized and blaming it on the vegan sausage roll.

Morgan’s actions have ben credited for bringing attention to the product, ultimately leading to the sausage roll selling out across the country and to Greggs seeing record sales of over £1 billion.

Fry’s, which sells its products all over the world, plans to initially launch items for retail in grocery stores along the West Coast.

Levine obtained a limited supply of vegan sausage rolls and will begin selling them in his Oakland Donut Farm restaurant on March 15, while supplies last.

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