Vegan Pizza Wins Top Award at World Pizza Championships

Image credit: Purezza

UK pizzeria Purezza walked away with a top prize at the 2019 World Pizza Championships, which attracts over 6,500 independent pizzerias each year.

The World Pizza Championships, held in Parma, Italy from April 9th- 11th, attracted some of the best pizzerias from around the world.

Despite being the first appearance ever made by a vegan pizzeria at the event, Purezza was able to win top honors in the Pizza Classica category, a showcase of traditional Italian pizza.

“The Promised Land” pizza, prepared by Purezza Head Chef Filippo Rosato, featured IPA-infused whole grain dough with fermented cashew cheese and sun-dried cruschi peppers, as well as Purezza’s own Mozzarella 2.0 cheese.

The pizza was topped with marinated tempeh, pioppini mushrooms, borlotti bean sauce and cavolo nero.

The award-winning pizza was finished with ginger puree, agave syrup, and a vegan caviar.

“The Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza is the gold standard of awards for pizzerias and pizza chefs around the world,” Rosato told The Independent. “It’s the competition that every pizzaiolo aspires to compete in.”

“To even be there as the first vegan pizzeria was an incredible experience, but to have come away with one of the awards for the Pizza Classica category is more than I could ever have hoped for, and shows that vegan pizza isn’t just possible – it’s the future.”

Image: Purezza

Purezza’s vegan pizza is just one of a number of plant-based meals winning awards over its animal-based counterparts.

In 2015, New York’s Superiority Burger was named the best in the world by GQ magazine.

This year, a vegan pie beat out almost 900 other pie entries, most of which were not vegan, to win Britain’s top pie award, much to the disgust of a top chef who called it a “disgrace.”

With the help of improved science and technology, as well as experts skilled in culinary innovation, vegan food is starting to more accurately replicate animal-derived food, drawing in non-vegan consumers in the process.

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