Vegan Pizza Is Finally Available in Restaurants Nationwide, America

Image Credit: Pieology

California-based pizzeria Pieology is set to launch vegan meat on February 12th, in a matter of hours, which will make it America’s first chain to offer a vegan pizza complete with meat nationwide.

While burger chains like White Castle and Carl’s Jr. now offer vegan burgers, America’s pizza chains have been slow to answer consumers’ calls for more plant-based options.

However, with Pieology’s addition of vegan meat toppings, vegans will be able to order pizza complete with vegan meat and cheese at over 100 locations across the US and Guam.

The pizza chain added vegan mozzarella, from vegan dairy alternative brand Daiya, to its menu in 2015 and now Pieology will offer customers three vegan meat options: Spicy Italian Sausage Rounds, Beef Meatball and Diced Chicken.

Credit: Pieology

“Although vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians will love the new pizza options, the premium toppings are a healthy choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a new style of protein,” said Pieology’s vice president of marketing Chad Bailey. 

“Over the last few decades, culinary innovation has greatly advanced in the area of plant-based proteins bringing their taste and texture to a remarkable meat-like level.

“Even our non-vegan guests have been shocked at how tasty our premium plant proteins are and how well they pair with pizza. We’re pleased to be able to serve creativity and provide our guests with a broader assortment of delicious, high-quality toppings than ever before,” Bailey added.

Pieology’s red sauce, olive oil, and barbecue sauce as well as its gluten-free crust are all vegan, according to PETA.

The vegan, GMO-free and cholesterol-free meat toppings will be available for an extra $1 per ounce.

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