Vegan Pie Tops Meat Pies to Win Britain’s Best Pie Award

Image credit: British Pie Awards

The 11th British Pie Awards concluded yesterday, and the champion is a meat-free, vegan pie.

A curried sweet potato and butternut squash pie created by Jon Thorner’s Ltd, a butcher shop that also offers meat pies, took home the “Supreme Champion” title, the highest honor.

The vegan pie beat 886 other competitors from 176 different countries, including almost 70 in the vegan category.

“There are a number of challenges to making a good vegan pie and this has cracked it,” said Colin Woodhead, head judge at the event.

“The pastry was exceptional with a crispness that complemented the filling.”

This is the first time a vegan pie has taken home the award.

With the vegan pie beating out animal-based competitors, Matthew O’Callaghan, chairman of the British Pie Awards, believes that this signals that vegan food is becoming mainstream.

“This year’s supreme champion was outstanding and well deserving of the accolade,” said O’Callaghan.

“From its very appearance on the judging tray, you knew it was going to do well and it didn’t disappoint when it was opened and tasted.

“This pie isn’t just for vegans, it’s a pie for everybody. With this award we can truly say that veganism is now entering the mainstream of British food.”

2019 was predicted to be “The Year of the Vegan” by The Economist, and Fast Company also made a similar prediction, stating that vegan meat would go mainstream.

So far, veganism has seen plenty of progress.

A record 250,000 people signed up for Vegnuary, a movement which challenges people to eat a vegan diet during the month of January.

An increasing number of restaurants, cosmetics companies and even meat companies are becoming vegan-friendly as health conscious consumers continue to turn toward a more plant-based diet.

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