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Vegan Good Catch Tuna Finally Launches in Stores Nationwide

Image Credit: Good Catch

Vegan tuna products from plant-based brand Good Catch hit shelves at Whole Foods Market and Thrive Market stores around the US today.

Available in three flavors, Naked in Water, Mediterranean, and Oil & Herbs, the ready-to-eat, plant-based tuna comes in 3.3oz pouches.

“We’ve created a true tuna texture and taste profile,” said Good Catch Co-Founding Chef Chad Sarno.

“Good Catch products are a one-to-one swap in any recipe that calls for tuna, and can be the centerpiece of any entrée, sandwich, chowder, or salad.

“Plant based Tuna is the culmination of our experience as plant-based chefs, combined with our passion for healthy eating as well as animal and environmental welfare. We’re redefining seafood for omnivores and plant based eaters alike.”

The tuna is free of dairy, GMOs, gluten and contains 14g of protein per serving.

The company launched the plant-based tuna as a solution to the “overfishing” crisis which has led to 80% of the world’s fisheries fully- to over-exploited, depleted, or in a state of collapse, according to

As a result, some researchers believe that if trends continue, there may not be any life left in the oceans by 2048.

The Fish-Free Tuna could also be an answer for health-conscious fish and seafood lovers who are concerned about the high levels of  mercury, PCBs, dioxins and other dangerous contaminants.

There are also no plastics and microfibers in plant-based fish, which has become a concern for some seafood lovers as fish are consuming plastic microparticles in the ocean, which can then be ingested by humans.

While a number of plant-based alternatives to beef burgers, sausages and chicken have already hit the market on a national level with brands like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and Quorn, plant-based seafood options have so far been limited.

However, Good Catch is hoping to change all of that.

“Our mission is to disrupt the seafood category with delicious plant based options,” said Good Catch co-founder and CEO Chris Kerr.

“And give consumers everything like they like about seafood, but without the mercury poisoning.”

According to the company’s website, Good Catch also plans to launch their Plant Based Crab Cakes, Plant Based Sliders and Plant Based Burgers this fall.

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