Vegan Eggs Launch in South America Due to Consumer Demand

Image credit: N.Ovo

South America’s largest egg producer, Grupo Mantiqueira, has launched vegan eggs as a result of growing consumer demand for plant-based products.

N.Ovo, which is made from pea starch and plant protein, was developed by Brazil-based Grupo Mantiqueira in collaboration with Good Food Institute (GFI) Brazil, a non-profit organization that promotes plant-based food through scientific and political initiatives.

N.Ovo comes in cartons similar to those used for chicken eggs, and the products are designed to be used for baking items like cake and bread.

A poll by GFI found that 29 percent of Brazilians (about 60 million people) want to consume less animal products.

“We found broad social acceptance of reducing intake of animal products: Seventy-six percent of respondents reported a positive perception of people who are reducing the consumption of animal products,” said GFI.

The organization added that it had been gathering data in Brazil, the world’s 6th largest egg producing nation, in order to bring attention to the rising demand for vegan food.

“I was born and raised in the animal protein industry and could see from the inside out that there are much more sustainable ways to feed the world,” said Amanda Pinto, innovation manager at Grupo Mantiqueira.

“GFI has been very important to connect me with plant-based companies and show me alternative ways of producing food. I am very proud to be part of this revolution.”

N.Ovo is expected to be sold in grocery stores and other food stores.

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