Vegan Convenience Store Opens in Philadelphia

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A vegan convenience store has officially opened up for business in Philly, offering a whole lot more than the conventional chips and candy bars.

V Marks the Shop, an all-vegan convenience store in South Philly, held its grand opening yesterday.

The store offers a wide variety of snacks like chocolate chip cookies, vegan jerky, churro-flavored cotton candy, chocolate bars and Daiya dairy-free ice cream bars.

But you’ll find a whole lot more than just snacks at V Marks the Shop. The store also features Beyond Meat products, vegan eggs from JUST Egg and Follow Your Heart, dairy-free cheese, cup noodles, Blackbird Pizzeria frozen pizza, vegan pot pies, fish fillets, crab cakes, ribs, seitan steaks, shrimp and even “chicken legs.”

“We’re more of a boutique. We spend a ton of time researching smaller and up-and-coming businesses whose products you won’t yet see on mainstream shelves,” Carlo Giardina, co-owner of V Marks the Shop told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“But we’re also a community space — people can come here to hang out, learn about veganism, meet other vegans, and participate in events.”

Giardina, and his wife Carmella Lanni, former food bloggers from Bronx, New York, fell in love with Philadelphia and decided it would be a great place for a business.

“We always had the goal of doing a brick-and-mortar, and we knew Philly was where we wanted to go,” Lanni says.

“We loved the city — we’d come down almost every weekend just to get away from New York, and we quickly saw how active and diverse the vegan community was here.”

The store also has a seating area complete with free WiFi and arts and crafts items.

The company says that while only 15 percent of its products are locally sourced, they are aiming to get that number up to around 50% in the future.

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