Vegan Actor Peter Egan to Expose Cruelty in Indonesia Dog and Cat Meat Trade

Image: Twitter/Peter Egan

Vegan actor and animal rights campaigner Pete Egan is set to arrive in Indonesia in order to expose the cruelty behind the dog and cat meat trade in the country.

According to Humane Society International (HSI), Egan is expected to arrive in Indonesia this week to work with Dog Meat Free Indonesia in exposing the country’s “brutal” dog and cat meat trade.

HSI UK announced: “Actor & animal campaigner @PeterEgan6 will be in Indonesia this week to help expose North Sulawesi’s brutal #DogandCatMeatTrade w/ Dog Meat-Free Indonesia of which @HSIGlobal is a proud member. It will be a harrowing trip, so we send Peter our sincere gratitude & strength.”

“THANK YOU @PeterEgan6 for helping our #DogMeatFreeIndonesia coalition expose the horrors of Indonesia’s #DogMeatTrade We will all be thinking of you on this difficult trip.”

Image: Humane Society International UK

Dog Meat Free Indonesia reports that millions of dogs are brutally transported throughout Indonesia every year for their meat.

The organization’s undercover investigations revealed dogs being brutally captured, transported, then slaughtered — many being stolen from families, illegally trafficked, or captured from the streets and rural communities.

The dogs are violently crammed into cages or sacks where they cannot move, with their mouth bound shut, and they can hardly breathe.

“I wish I could say I’m looking forward to my next trip but I can’t,” said Egan. “I feel a duty to support the great work being done by the Dog Meat Free Indonesia Campaign and my great friend Lola Webber so this Thursday I am making a flying visit to Tomohon with another great friend Andrew Telling Orange Planet Pictures It is important at this time of the year when planning your holiday to think about ethical choices.”

“We know the careless cruelty imposed on animals throughout the world is devastating.”

“I just want to say that whenever I raise an issue there is always some who say but what about this other issue. So let me just say..this trip is dedicated to the Dog Meat Free Indonesia campaign..the cruelty is intense in these markets and one day we will see and end to this.”

“It is going to be a harrowing experience and one that I will share..not the horror but most importantly the great work being done by the Indonesian people to bring an end to this cruelty.”

“Thanks as ever for your great support. We are gifted so much from the voiceless one’s who share our wonderful planet they deserve the best that we can give them in return not the worst,” he concluded.

With his mission to end the dog and cat meat trade in Indonesia, Egan is encouraging the public to continue to sign and share the petition urging Indonesia to end the trade in dogs and cats as well as other animals to be slaughtered at “traditional markets.”

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Roxanne Libatique

Written by Roxanne Libatique

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