Vegan Activists Launch ‘Dead Body’ Sticker Campaign on Meat Packages

Image: 3AW

Vegan activists placed ‘dead body’ stickers on meat packages in a grocery store, in an apparent effort to dissuade shoppers from purchasing meat.

Seafood, chicken, and other meat products at a Woolworths supermarket in Melbourne’s St. Helena were labeled with a message left by the activists.

The stickers read: “Warning: this package contains the dead body of someone who wanted to live.”

Images of the sticker campaign were posted on social media where they have been met mostly with negative reactions.

While some simply commented that they had seen similar stickers on meat packages while they shopped in grocery stores, others felt this goes too far.

One user said: “Why do these muppets think they are exempt from breaking the law? Defacing or vandalising property that is not yours in the name of fighting for a cause. Right. Imbeciles.”

“I am not sure if they realise that people actually already know these are dead chickens…! And they chose to eat them anyway. What a waste of TREES,” said another.

“This does not do their cause any good at all. Dips**ts,” another wrote

While many are not pleased with the campaign, activists have left overwhelmingly positive reviews of the stickers on Etsy, where a 42 pack is sold for 11 AUD ($7.67) by a seller called ActivistStickers.

One review reads: “I love these!!!! I have some in my purse and some in my activist bag. Will add pictures when I’ve used for the first time!”

Another buyer talked about plans to use them a little differently. “Love these stickers – great idea! I’ll be putting them on friends and family’s meat products rather than groceries,” the user wrote.

Image: Etsy

“Warning: eating meat causes cancer, heart disease and erectile dysfunction,” another sticker reads.

One review states: “Can’t wait to go use them in all the local supermarkets !! Love them”

Other stickers from the seller include one intended to be placed on dairy milk packaging, which reads: “Isn’t it time you stopped drinking breast milk?”

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