Vegan Activist Earthling Ed Visits Google to Talk About Veganism

Earthling Ed
Image: Instagram/Earthling Ed

Vegan activist and YouTuber Ed Winters, also known as Earthling Ed, visited Google’s office in New York to talk about veganism.

Winters announced to his 213,000 Instagram followers that he visited the Google office to talk to the staff, also known as “Googlers,” about veganism.

His vegan fans as well as other activists and YouTubers showed their support, saying that they are proud of him for continuously speaking up for the animals.

A vegan fan said: “Ed you’re the man. You’re part of the reason Beyond Meat had such a great first day in the stock market. Cheers to mainstream veganism!”

“You are such a force to be reckoned with. I couldn’t be happier the animals have you on their team. You are doing us all proud Ed,” said a vegan activist.

Another vegan added: “Ed, I’m proud of you. You’re proof positive we can convince humans to stop exploiting animals through ethics!”

“While other well known AR leaders have caved under the weight of satisfying donors bu leaning into diet and adopting a welfarist approach, you kindly teach through ethics. I have mad respect for you!”

Earthling Ed TEDx Talk
Image: Earthling Ed

Ed — who founded Surge Activism, an animal rights organization that organized the very first The Official Animal Rights March (TOARM) — also delivered two TEDx Talks this year to urge people to go vegan.

His first TEDx Talk, “The Ostrich Effect: The Truth We Hide From Ourselves,” was filmed in January at Lund University where he discussed the vegan lifestyle and encouraged people to go vegan.

His second TEDx Talk, on the other hand, is entitled “Every Argument Against Veganism.”

Filmed at the University of Bath early this year, Every Argument Against Veganism is all about the main arguments that people use to avoid going vegan and debunking them logically to show people that anti-vegan arguments are invalid.

Earthling Ed
Image: Instagram/Earthling Ed

Aside from delivering TEDx Talks, Ed also launched The Disclosure Podcast this year, where he explores veganism, morality, and ethics and debates with people with opposing views to get to the bottom of issues surrounding not being vegan.

“I’m looking forward to exploring and discussing veganism, morality and ethics with you guys, as well as with vegan and non-vegan guests on the show,” he said in his announcement on social media.

Additionally, Ed was also invited by professors to teach an animal rights class at Harvard University as a guest lecturer.

He also revealed that he will be speaking about veganism at other universities, including Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Yale, and Rutgers.

Speaking about his animal rights class and his university tour, Ed told Vegan World News: “I’m very excited to say that my US tour has been going really well.”

“I’m so impressed by how much veganism is progressing over here, there’s a real market growth and it’s brilliant to see!”

“Talking to students on college campuses has been truly wonderful and I’m really looking forward to putting the tour videos out on my YouTube channel,” he concluded.

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