Un Alivio: the emotional tribute to the bassist of Catupecu Machu Gabriel Ruiz Díaz on Friend’s Day

Un Alivio: the emotional tribute to the bassist of Catupecu Machu Gabriel Ruiz Díaz on Friend's Day

On Friend’s Day, the group Afilados premiered this Tuesday, July 20, the song Un Alivio, as a celebration and tribute to the friendship that united them with Gabriel Ruiz Díaz, former bassist and co-founder of Catupecu Machu, who died at age 45 in January this year.

In dialogue with Télam, Mariano Javier “Maho” Sánchez, from Afilados, recalled his “friend and teacher, a luminous being”, who continues to guide the destiny of the group that brings together musicians from Floresta and Villa Luro.

It was he who showed us the way and taught us not to loosen and to always go forward. And that’s what we’re doing. Gaby is a friend of always; we know each other from the neighborhood. He is a friend, a teacher and a luminous being from whom we learned the path that we are traveling today in music, “he said.

Gabriel Ruiz Diaz collided with his car on March 31, 2006 and spent six months in intensive care. Photo Rodrigo ARANGUA / AFP

An accident that changed everything

On March 31, 2006, Gabriel crashed his Volkswagen Fox car at the intersection of Libertador and Sarmiento avenues, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, while returning from The Roxy nightclub. with César Andino, singer of Cabezones.

Andino was traveling in the passenger seat and managed to recover more quickly but Gabriel had to spend more than six months in intensive care and although he managed to get out of that critical instance, his recovery could never be final.

On January 23, his brother, Fernando Ruíz Díaz confirmed his death, just on the same date that Argentina celebrates the Day of the Musician, in honor of the birth of Luis Alberto Spinetta, one of his musical idols.

The memory of a musical diver

A relief, released today on digital platforms, featured the musical production of Macabre and Agustín Rocino, other members of Catupecu Machu, in addition to the contribution of Sarcófago, from Paranoid Mice, as guest guitarist.

The singer assured that Ruiz Díaz “was a tireless musical diver,” who spent “sleepless nights until he clicked on where the path was” for a song. Something that defines it as “curious and admirable;” like that time when he took the lead as conductor of an orchestra to the first group works who led with his brother Fernando.

“It was a very important skull that covered many sectors of music. What I remember is that he called musician for musician and he began to study orchestration to finish conducting an orchestra. That seemed fantastic to us. As well as that story, there are many more. He was always ahead of the game and was always behind the new, “Sánchez stressed.

The group also has a new album ready to go, in which they joined friends and local rock references such as Stuka (Los Violadores), Felipe Barrozo (Intoxicated), “Fachi” Crea (Old Crazy), Gaba Díaz (Blues Motel ), Niko Villano (Villains) and Gaba Díaz (Blues Motel), Martín Luka (Memphis La Blusera).

Sharpened, the band that remembered Gabriel Ruíz Díaz on Friend's Day with a new song of their own.

Sharpened, the band that remembered Gabriel Ruíz Díaz on Friend’s Day with a new song of their own.

But for its members, the new premiere is also “a relief” for the possibility of the band’s reunion, which is completed with Hernán Diego “Nacho” Luzardi on drums, Ignacio “Gato” D’Aloe on keyboards and Pablo Esteban ” Parri “Zugaro on guitar.

The album was recorded in 2019 and when we thought to present it live, the pandemic fell. In between a lot of personal and group things happened, but now the time has come for music to unite us again and we can meet again in the middle of chaos. It is a relief to present this song, which we hope to be able to play live very soon when everything becomes a little more comfortable, “said Sánchez.

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