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UK’s Largest Supermarket to Sell Vegan Meats in Meat Aisle

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Tesco, Britain’s largest supermarket, has announced that it will sell plant-based meat products alongside meat to encourage customers to cut down on their meat intake.

“From Monday, flexitarians, who eat both meat and plant-based alternatives, will be able to find both next to each other in a new fixture in the meat aisle at larger Tesco stores,” said a Tesco spokesperson.

The grocery store giant says this is an attempt to actively encourage consumers to reduce their meat consumption and eat more vegetables and plant-based alternatives.

Tesco believes that by selling meat and vegan products side by side, it will make it easier for flexitarians (people who only eat meat occasionally) to reduce their meat intake.

Tesco already sells vegan Beyond Meat products in its freezers next to animal products, but this move will extend the policy to other vegan meat products like Vegetarian Butcher.

Selling Beyond Meat products next to animal-derived meat has worked extremely well for Beyond Meat in the United States, outselling beef, Beyond Meat Founder Ethan Brown told Forbes last year.

“So we’re selling more than Angus beef, more than 80/20 beef, more than grass-fed beef, by unit,” he said.

“My expectation about being in the meat case was to simply hold on and not get thrown out. I never thought in a million years that we’d rise this quickly to be the number one seller in terms of patties in the meat case.”

In addition, the company announced last month that it is seeing similar success selling vegan sausages next to meat from animals.

As Brits continue to turn toward a more plant-based diet, Tesco is also hoping to capitalize.

“The rise of eating more plant-based food and people becoming flexitarian is having a massive effect on the way many people shop and … the retail industry is having to adapt,” said Director of Plant-Based Innovation at Tesco, Derek Sarno.

The UK has been moving toward a plant-based diet in significant ways. Recent data shows that Brits ate 4.4 billion meatless meals in 2018, a 150 million increase of over 2017.

Additionally, one survey found that 22% of people in the UK plan to be either vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian by the end of 2019.

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