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Tracy Morgan joins one of the most anticipated sequels in history

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito return to the big screen as brothers Julius and Vincent in the sequel to Twins. Now, Tracy Morgan will grow the family.

Twins, one of the most remembered films of the 80’s, will have a sequel. The continuation of this crazy comedy will continue after 33 years, with its protagonists, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, much more advanced in age, but the same or more famous than before, promising a dose of unrivaled laughter. However, the second part will be titled Triplets and if, Tracy Morgan will be the answer to this name.

The title is due to the fact that there will obviously be one more brother, played by Morgan, who was born and was never made known about his existence. However, the actor was not the first choice for the role.

The director of this installment, Ivan Reitman, clarified that they had initially thought of Eddie Murphy. The actor’s schedule was occupied by A Prince in New York 2, for which he had to refuse the invitation. In addition, the filmmaker took the opportunity to offer an advance on the plot of the film in development. This advanced the creative.

“In secret, a third baby was born, a black baby, who has not been in contact with his siblings”, the writer explained about the plot of Triplets. “They do not know each other and very early in the film they know each other and that is how they achieve a bond after all these years. It’s really a movie about family and no matter how different we are, we have to learn to get along. These guys have great chemistry together, and you can see that in the recordings and the amount of energy they bring to each other. “added.

Undoubtedly, all streaming platforms will seek to produce this title, which will begin filming in January 2022 in Boston. The date and details of its distribution have not yet been revealed, but it is expected that by the end of this year much more can be made known about it.

Source: Deadline

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