Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets Every Vegan Kitchen Needs

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A whole food, plant-based diet can have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing, and there are some ways technology can help you maximize the benefits you get from eating healthy.

These 5 gadgets can help either make your life easier, save you money, provide additional health benefits or a combination.

1. Plant Milk Machine

There is no doubt that store bought plant milk comes with some health benefits. The issue is that they also contain unhealthy additives like processed sugar, flour, preservatives and some creamers even add palm oil.

In addition, store bought plant milk actually costs you more money than buying the ingredients yourself and making your own milk at home.

That’s where the Almond Cow comes in. It is a machine that milks not only almonds, but any seed or nut or even rice. Add water and your milk is ready in less than 1 minute.

For a cheaper alternative, you could go with the Tribest Soyabella.

Regardless of which one you choose, if you drink plant milk regularly, they will both essentially pay for themselves in savings on store bought milk.

2. Avocado Cutter

Avocado lovers, this tool could make your life a heck of a lot easier. The Flexicado is a 3 in 1 kitchen tool that allows you to pit, slice and scoop an avocado, and it adjusts to fit an avocado of any size.

3. High-Quality Blender

If you consume smoothies regularly, then you need a high-quality blender that will save you time, stop breaking down every couple of months and not leave your home smelling like burnt plastic.

The Vitamix is the Bugatti of blenders. It is basically the same type of high-quality blender you will find in a smoothie store. However, it is not just higher speeds and ability to tear through your food without adding water that make it worth the investment.

Vitamix comes with powerful, high-speed cutting blades that are said to break the seeds down on a cellular level, thereby increasing your body’s absorption of nutrients.

4. Food Processor

So many amazing plant-based recipes, like vegan burgers, require a food processor that can puree foods and also easily make dough. That’s why we have this as one of the top 5 must-have gadgets for vegan kitchens.

I recommend this Hamilton Beach food processor because it has a scraper attachment, so there’s no more stopping to scrape food off the side, and it ultimately saves time.

5. Juicer

I was very skeptical about recommending a juicer, not because I don’t believe in them (I’ve used several over the years) but because I like to promote health, and I believe most people would use them in a way that’s detrimental to their health.

Juicing vegetables, especially green vegetables is healthy. The problem is that it doesn’t taste very good, so most people end up adding fruits.

Unfortunately, fruit juice is not a health food. Because it is stripped of the fiber it naturally comes with, it causes a spike in blood sugar that makes it no different from consuming any other sugary drink.

I only recommend a juicer if you plan to juice vegetables as the nutrient absorption when drinking green juice is excellent. While you don’t get the fiber benefits of vegetables when you juice, you get a much higher amount of nutrients than you normally would when eating vegetables and your body absorbs them better.

If you plan to juice, Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer is the way to go. It operates at speeds as low as 80 RPM, which is great because there is less froth and heat buildup, which is a common problem with low-quality juicers.

Cleanup of all the pulp is probably the least exciting part of juicing and this juicer is designed to be easily disassembled, cleaned up, and it’s dishwasher safe.

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