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Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 937 of Monday, May 31, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read on!

Monday May 31 in Tomorrow belongs to us


Mathilde, Louise and Bart are finalizing the final details of Aurélien's surprise birthday party which will take place on Tuesday evening. Meanwhile, Mickaël is on the phone with a man to whom he sent the photos of Louise's children. After confirming to him that these were indeed the people he was looking for, the interlocutor informed him that he had taken plane tickets to return to France soon. And to demand that he stick to the plan until then, namely to take care of the children first and then Louise.

Afterwards, Mickael goes to the front of the school and steals Mathilde and Aurélien's scooters. When they notice at the end of class that they have disappeared, Mickaël, who is waiting in front of the establishment, claims to have seen two kids leave with a few minutes earlier. He then offers to take them by car to find them. Once they have made the tour of the city without success, Mickaël drops them off in front of their house then sends Louise's address to the mysterious stranger while specifying that he sympathizes with the teenagers.

Shortly after, Mickaël goes to meet Louise and shows her a photo in which she appears in a wedding dress with a man. While she affirms that it is not her, Mickaël knows that she is lying and intends to make her speak by all means possible. When she wants to leave to go home, Mickaël grabs her arm to prevent her. Bart, who sees the altercation in the distance, intervenes and orders Mickaël to leave. Ready to come to grips with the two men are separated by Louise who tries to temper the situation. When Bart threatens to call the police, Mickaël leaves.

Back home, Louise seems particularly upset. As he worries, Bart tries to figure out what happened but Louise, who is uncomfortable, claims that the client just wanted to hit on her. At nightfall, Louise cannot sleep and takes advantage of being alone in the living room to look at the same photo as the one that Mickaël showed her earlier in the day.


In the morning, Hadrian prepares breakfast and hastens to bring it to Sofia in secret. But when he returns home, Samuel quickly realizes that his stepson was with his daughter. With his back to the wall, Hadrien confesses that he is in love with Sofia and that they are a couple. If at first Samuel takes it badly, he ends up accepting the situation on the condition that he is fair with his daughter.

Later, Hadrien and Sofia are hugged on a deckchair by the pool. When William enters the residence, Hadrien immediately gets up and makes him believe that he is trying to dislodge the teenager from the deckchair. At the end of the day, William finds underpants that do not belong to him in his business. While he wonders if the underwear would not belong to Hadrien, Aurore points out to him that the latter hates their daughter. His wife may want to make him realize that the privacy of their daughters belongs to them, William still wants to broach the subject the next day.


At the Delcourts, Mona trains with fervor on her helicon, which annoys Chloe and Xavier who cannot take it any longer. Chloe then joins Mona in the garden and makes her believe that her music disturbs the neighbors. Insofar as the nanny does not care, Chloe ends up admitting that she is at the end of the line and that the situation can no longer continue like this. Needing to train for the music festival, Mona decides to immediately take a week's vacation.

Without a nanny for several days, Chloé asks Judith, Maud and Camille to give her a hand to take care of Céleste. Unfortunately, they each find an excuse to escape this chore. However, Xavier has no intention of giving up and sets a schedule for the week by setting up duty shifts between the teenage girls.

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