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Tomorrow belongs to us: arrested by the police, did Sacha kill Clémentine? [SPOILERS]

For more than a week now, the disappearance of Clémentine Doucet (Linda Hardy) punctuates the main plot of Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1. And Sacha's lies (Renaud Roussel) should soon catch up with him and make him the prime suspect in this case.

While he has been leading a double life for years, with one family in Sète and the other in Frontignan, Sacha will have no other choice but to drop the mask in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. Solenne (Artemisia Toussaint) and then (Antoine Cohaut) will indeed discover that their father has stolen part of the pot dedicated to the Solenne operation and will end up confronting him with his repeated lies.

Sacha will try to justify himself as best he can, by claiming big financial problems related to the launch of his coaching site, but, if we are to believe the trailer visible in the player above, things will eventually take an unexpected turn when Gaspard (Mogamed Bechiev), his son born from his union with Juliette Couturier (Mathilde Lebrequier), will find himself facing him at the Girards and will call him "Papa" in front of Solenne.

A twist that will reshuffle the cards for Sacha and will distance him even more from Ben and Solenne, who will make the decision to go live with Tristan. In an unpublished extract from Tomorrow belongs to us unveiled in preview by TF1, the two teenagers are about to leave the family home, visibly sickened by what they have discovered, and refuse to listen to their father's apologies.

"We don't want to see you anymore", Ben launches at Sacha, very annoyed. "We don't want to talk to you anymore, there is nothing to say, so take responsibility for your shit now. (...) You are going to stay here all alone and you will have looked for it". Sacha tries to hold them back, but in vain. His children do not "can more of his lies". But that's when the police arrive and arrest Sacha in front of the two teenagers.

Screenshot / TF1

"Sacha Girard, it is 5:23 pm. From now on you are placed in police custody", informs him Martin Constant (Franck Monsigny) while a police officer handcuffs him. What could Martin, Karim, Sara, and their colleagues have discovered that caused Sacha to find himself in such a bad position?

Has the sports coach been lying to everyone since the start of the investigation? Is he responsible for the disappearance, or worse, the death of Clémentine? After all, when we know that Linda Hardy has left Tomorrow belongs to us, everything suggests, given the plot set up by the authors, that her character is indeed dead.

But Sacha could also have been the victim of a plot because, in the days to come, Vinciane (Alexandra Cholton), the woman to whom he owed a large sum of money, will resurface in the series. Could it be related to what happened to Clémentine? The future will tell.

However, one thing is certain: nothing will ever be the same for the Girard family who will have to find a new balance and put in place "a new organization" according to the synopsis unveiled by TF1. Because the revelation of Sacha's double life and the existence of Juliette, Gaspard, and Océane will change everything for Solenne, Ben, and Tristan.

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