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Three people are arrested for the beating murder of a young homosexual in Spain

The Police of Spain this Tuesday arrested three young people between 20 and 25 years old residing in the city of La Coruña (in Galicia), in the framework of the investigation into the beating death of a young homosexual at dawn on Saturday.

The crime, of apparent homophobic motives, unleashed strong manifestations of rejection. Authorities are not ruling out more arrests.

“3 young people between 20 and 25 years old, residents of A Coruña, have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of the violent attack that ended the life of Samuel Luiz,” the Spanish police wrote on their Twitter account.

“The investigation remains open until the facts are fully clarified. No further arrests are ruled out in the next few hours,” he added.

Samuel, a 24-year-old nursing assistant, was found unconscious near a nightclub in La Coruña after receiving a brutal beating.

The rescue services were unable to revive him after the blows suffered, and the young man died on Saturday morning.

The crime unleashed a large demonstration of repudiation in Madrid on Monday, where thousands of young people congregated in the iconic Puerta del Sol with the rainbow flag of Pride, which was celebrated last week, and with slogans such as “Justice for Samuel”.

In La Coruña there was also a demonstration condemning the crime.

Since the death of the young man, his relatives denounced that it is a homophobic crime.

On Monday, the Minister of the Interior of Spain, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, had indicated that “no hypothesis is excluded, neither the hate crime nor any other”.

The Spanish minister confirmed this Tuesday the arrest of these three young people, but did not want to specify whether the investigators are working with any specific hypothesis about the motive for the aggression and limited himself to asking the media to let the woman “work calmly”. Police, who are doing “relevant” work.

All the “incriminating” elements are being analyzed, as well as others that may determine what happened, the minister said before insisting on the need to let the police continue to work on the case “profusely” as they are doing.

The operation is still open and new arrests are not ruled out, highlighted Grande-Marlaska, who recalled that the Police, together with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court, analyze all the circumstances that may have contributed to this murder.

Sources close to the investigation told the EFE agency that a statement had been taken from 15 people related to the fight, although the poor quality of the images recorded by the cameras near the scene made identification difficult.

At this time, all avenues of investigation to clarify the brutal aggression continue to be open, Although the first indications suggest that the motive for the aggression that caused the death of the 24-year-old was not homophobic.

A crime that caused a commotion

A resident of Culleredo and a nursing assistant in a geriatric center, Samuel was attacked by several people on Saturday when he was making a video call, which triggered the fight because a group of young people believed he was recording them.

When he was treated by the emergency services, he presented several bruises and major blows to the head who required the intervention of health personnel for two hours to try to revive him, although he finally died in the hospital to which he was taken.

After this fatal beating, thousands of people took to the streets to express their condemnation for this brutal crime in successive and simultaneous rallies throughout Spain and outside the country.

Source: AFP and EFE



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