They recover historic concerts from the beginnings of Bruce Springsteen and E-Street Band

They recover historic concerts from the beginnings of Bruce Springsteen and E-Street Band

What is often said about good wines, which improve over time, could easily be applied to Bruce Springsteen, which at 71 years old seems to have reached that balance between maturity and freshness that is only reserved for a few. Wines, and artists.

Perhaps his most recent album, Letter to You, be one of the most finished examples that testify the arrival of this beloved neighbor of New Jersey to that sky lit by stars that are named after Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Elton John or, why not, those of Luis Alberto Spinetta O Chico Buarque, each in its hemisphere.

But then, as with the noblest drinks, in the case of figures like Springsteen, it is especially attractive to retrace the path they traveled to finally arrive at the place they occupy, by acquired right, today.

Without a doubt, Bruce Springsteen represents, for much of the United States, the model of the national “singer”, at the level of a Paul Simon or a Bob Dylan. Photo AP Photo / Homes News Tribune, Danny Clinch

A story that continues to be written

In your case, we can say that Born to Run, published in 1975, works something like the starting point of a trajectory that almost a decade later will be consolidated with the unbeatable Born in the U.S.A., which will have in The Rising a scrolls update and no one should stop hearing Wrecking Ball.

However, how not to be curious to spy on the deepest history of that musical machine called the E-Street Band, which has accompanied Bruce’s career since 1973, whenever the musician required his services.

A universe that will undoubtedly allow access to No Nukes Shows, that Springsteen and the E-Street Band gave in 1979 as part of the benefit concerts Musician United for Safe Energy (MUSE), his upcoming release in film format, has just been announced by Sony Music.

Bruce Springsteen and Steve Vann Zandt, and a regular postcard of the Boss's concerts with his E-Street Band.

Bruce Springsteen and Steve Vann Zandt, and a regular postcard of the Boss’s concerts with his E-Street Band.

The “Boss” and his legendary band had only been in operation for six years when this material was shot, rare and scarce in the case of that time of rise and which also went down in history as an explosive spectacle.

Held at Madison Square Garden in New York in September of that year, part of the material had already been included in a 1980 documentary called No Nukes, specifically three themes, among which was the first interpretation of The River.

The note specifies that The Legendary 1979 No Nukes Concerts It will include remixed and remastered audio that has been edited from the original 16mm film by Thom Zimny, a regular Springsteen contributor.

On its release date, Sony Music has only specified that it will take place “this same year”.

If there is a pandemic, don’t let it show

Springsteen, whose album Letter to You Published in 2020 was one of the best albums of the year for international critics, among his next projects his participation with Paul Simon and Jennifer Hudson in the megaconcert with which New York wants to mark its reopening after the end next August of the coronavirus restrictions.

Recently, in addition, he returned to the stages of the city of skyscrapers to revitalize his autobiographical “show” in theatrical format. Springsteen on Broadway, which will initially be on the bill at the St. James Theater until September 4 and which recovers the montage starring in the Big Apple between 2017 and 2018.

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