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They prepare a series inspired by the life of George Lucas

George Lucas, one of the greatest icons in the history of universal cinema, will have his own series. The product will be developed by someone close to the creative.

The cinema recognizes a director when his work is larger than the elements that compose it. The films, as a whole, form worlds or even universes, which only converge correctly if each component fulfills its function and absolutely nothing is out of tune, if given, this harmony has a master of orchestras as responsible. However, it is not common to see a filmmaker be immortalized over an actor, actress or title. This has been the case for George Lucas, who has brought a lot to the industry, leaving a legacy.


The developer created two of the most memorable sagas of all time: Star Wars e Indiana Jones. For this, and throughout his career, he will receive a series, which will show his history, his beginnings and also the strength behind Industrial Light and Magic.

The company was founded in the 1970s and has brought the visual effects of productions like those mentioned above into the public eye. In addition, she has been responsible for this aspect in franchises such as Harry Potter or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is undoubtedly one of the most recognized companies in its field, so it is not surprising that everyone wants to know how it operates. In this way, Lawrence Kasdan, who worked on the main projects of Lucasfilm as a writer, you will direct the project.

The work is a series, but not in a common format. The idea is that it is divided into 6 parts. Each fragment will be a kind of documentary. There is no release date for it yet, but he imagines it will end in Disney+.

Thus, the life and work of one of the greatest geniuses of the seventh art will be portrayed and the galaxy he created will be able to be analyzed. That The force accompany this project.

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