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These Are the Best Vegan Condoms You’ll Find

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If you are a new vegan or just an ethically-conscious shopper, you might be surprised to hear that most condoms on the market are not cruelty-free.

Why Most Condoms Are Not Vegan

Latex condoms are the most common type of condoms on the market today. While latex is vegan, condom manufacturers often use casein, a milk protein, to make the the condoms smooth.

Even latex alternatives like lambskin condoms are not vegan as they are made from lamb cecum which is the pouch located at the beginning of a lamb’s large intestine.

Some brands like Trojan even test on animals, so there are a number of reasons why the majority of condoms are not vegan.

Best Vegan Condoms

No need to be bummed out because there is more than enough variety in the vegan condom market to find some just right for you. Many of them are even available in your local pharmacy or large retailers. Here are our picks for the top vegan condoms.

Sir Richard’s

Not only are the entire line of Sir Richard’s condoms vegan certified, but they are also made with natural latex, and they’re chemical-free. The condoms are free of spermicides, parabens, glycerin, or petrochemicals which many condom brands contain and could lead to irritation of the genitals, tearing or hormone disruption. What’s more is that for every box you purchase, the company donates one box to a country in need.

Sir Richard’s condoms are available on the company’s website.


Glyde latex condoms are also entirely certified vegan, fair trade and chemical-free. One great thing about this company is that they are one of the few vegan companies offering a line of organic, flavored condoms in addition to intimate and oral lubricants.

Glyde is available on Amazon.

LifeStyles SKYN

While SKYN condoms are not chemical-free, they are a vegan option widely found in major retailers and even pharmacies and convenience stores. They are also a great option for latex allergy sufferers as these condoms are made of synthetic polyisoprene.

Marketed as the “closest thing to wearing nothing,” SKYN condoms are known for being extremely sensitive and bringing back the pleasure that some people feel is lost with the use of condoms.

LifeStyles SKYN is available on Amazon.


L. condoms are “made for women by women.” Free of chemicals, they are particularly great for women who are sensitive down there or just those who aim to stay away from aforementioned chemicals. The natural latex condoms come in ultra thin, classic, ribbed or large for the anatomically gifted gentlemen.

As a company with a mission to empower and support women, every condom purchased is matched with a donation of that item to a woman in need.

L is available on Amazon.

Durex Real Feel Avanti Bare

Like SKYN, Durex Real Feel Avanti Bare is accidentally vegan and also made with polyisoprene. As the name suggests, this condom claims to give you a “natural skin on skin feeling.” Avanti Bare is latex-free but not chemical-free.

Also, since they are not made with latex, you don’t have to worry about the sometimes awful smell that comes from condoms and you can rest assured they are vegan as they are “100% electronically tested.”

Durex Real Feel Avanti Bare is available on Amazon.

B Condoms

B condoms are chemical-free and are natural rubber latex. The company also offers XL for the extremely fortunate men out there. You can find B Condoms at major US retailers or on online stores.

B condoms are available on Amazon.

Finding Other Vegan Condoms

There are certainly more vegan brands that were not mentioned here, especially outside western and particularly US markets. These are just our favorites.

If none of these vegan condom brands are available in your market, the key to finding vegan condoms would be to avoid casein and generally look for condoms that are not latex as most (but definitely not all) latex condoms use casein.

Now get out of here, get yourself some vegan condoms, and go make some healthy, cruelty-free love.

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