The video on Chinese television about the “friendship relationship” between the Communist Party of that country and the PJ

The Chinese news channel CGTN in Spanish published on his official YouTube account an unpublished report that revolves around the “friendship relationship” between the Communist Party of that country and the Justicialist Party.

The audiovisual material, which was released on April 1, although it was only known in the last week, not only has images and archival videos, but also shows a exclusive interview with José Luis Gioja, who after five years in office, left the post of president of the PJ in the hands of Alberto Fernández in March 2021.

“China and Argentina have a long friendship relationship. Diplomatic relations were established 49 years ago. In 2003 an opening stage was opened with Argentina. A relationship began to be built between the Chinese Communist Party and the Justicialista Party of Argentina ”, the report begins.

Later, he continues: “Since 2016, this relationship has been progressing more and more. José Luis Gioja shared his vision on the exchange between the two parties ”.

For his part, the three-time governor of San Juan, raised similarities between the PJ and the CP of China: “The two parties share the same goal. Ideologically we pursue the same goals. “

“Our main objective is the workers and our main objective is social justice, the same flag of the Chinese CP, from the doctrinal point of view we have common goals”, He remarked.

In early July, Gioja participated virtually in President Xi Jinping’s speech at the Chinese Communist Party Summit, for the centenary of its foundation.

Also present was Alberto Fernández, who was the only Latin American president invited to the event for the 100 years of the PC.

“I congratulate the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party. I know that the leaders of the Communist Party have many reasons to be proud and to celebrate”, Highlighted the president.

In addition, he noted: “I thank and congratulate Xi Jinping. I congratulate him for his words. The PJ and the Chinese Communist Party have had a historical relationship through those who were its leaders, Juan Domingo Perón and Mao Zedong, in the letters they shared “

Gioja strengthened relations

After that antecedent between the historical leaders of both political spaces, Peronism strengthened relations again with the CCP in 2016, when José Luis Gioja led the PJ.

The former governor of San Juan promoted exchanges with China for the cadre formation of both forces and since last year a series of virtual seminars began, with the participation of important leaders from both countries.

In August of last year, in a videoconference in which Gildo Insfrán from the Argentine side also participated, Gioja had stated: “We need, with absolute sincerity, that the growth with social justice that the People’s Republic of China has had can also be An example for Argentina, which is suffering the consequences of the pandemic ”.

Chinese leaders valued that April 23 in which they formalized the invitation to Fernández that both countries share “concepts, ideas and a common language”.

Zhu Rui, deputy minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, had stressed: “Cooperation is key to solving issues such as poverty and trade development. Social justice convictions of Peronism are also convictions of our party ”.



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