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The United States claimed that the fall of Kabul was not inevitable and blamed the Afghan forces

The White House National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, said Monday that US President Joe Biden, did not consider it “inevitable” that the Taliban would control Kabul following the withdrawal of US troops and blamed the afghan forces for not having wanted to defend his country from the insurgents.

In an interview on ABC, Sullivan came up against criticism facing Biden for Afghanistan’s abrupt fall under Taliban control and scenes of panic in the capital, where thousands of people are trying to leave the country.

Sullivan accused the Afghan forces of “not stepping forward” to defend Afghanistan, despite “billions of dollars” that Washington has contributed in training and military equipment.

However, he stressed that Biden still considers the decision to order the military withdrawal from Afghanistan as the correct one after more than 20 years of war.

“The question faced by the president in April … is whether we should send US men and women to a civil war in another country when their own Army does not fight to defend them. And the answer to that question is no, “Sullivan said.

The words of the senior US official coincide with the reports about the chaos at the Kabul airport, with thousands of people trying to leave the country by plane and that has left at least six dead.

Sullivan indicated that Biden will address “soon” to the American people to comment on the events in Afghanistan, although he did not elaborate on the matter.

The US completed the transfer to the Kabul airport of all the personnel of its embassy in Afghanistan on Sunday, hours after starting an air evacuation from that complex that reminiscent of the one developed during the fall of Saigon in 1975.

Late on Sunday in Washington, around 6 a.m. Monday in Kabul, the State Department confirmed that it had “completed” the process to transport the approximately 4,000 employees of its embassy in the Afghan capital.

For its part, the Pentagon also authorized this Sunday to send 1,000 more soldiers to Kabul, which means that, within 48 hours, there will be “approximately 6,000” US military at the airport in the Afghan capital.

In addition, US forces have “taken over” the reins of air traffic control at Kabul airport, to facilitate evacuations of US citizens and those of their allies.

With information from the EFE agency


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