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The Spanish Justice sent the three men arrested for the crime of Samuel Muñiz to prison

The judge of the Court of Instruction number 1 of La Coruña decided to send the three men of legal age to prison arrested for his involvement in the crime of Samuel Muñiz, the 24-year-old who died last Saturday after receiving a beating, as requested by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The three defendants, from A Coruña between 20 and 25 years old, spent the morning of this Friday in court, along with the fourth detainee, a girl, also from A Coruña and in the same age group, who was released, with the Obligation to appear in court. The Prosecutor’s Office had not requested that she be admitted to prison.

After hearing the testimony of all – none of those investigated availed themselves of their right not to testify -, the magistrate indicates in the order that the four arrested are suspected of having committed a crime of homicide or murder, pending definition throughout the investigation.

In addition to these four young people, two minors were arrested this Friday morning by the National Police – one of them with a criminal record – so there are so far six arrested for their involvement in the death of young Samuel.

The crime

Samuel Luiz was found unconscious near a disco from the blows suffered. Emergency services tried to resuscitate him for hours, but he finally passed away on Saturday morning.

The investigation continues and the case is kept secret.

The young man, of a Brazilian father and born in Brazil, was beaten in the street by a “human pack” for 200 meters and, according to the first elements of the autopsy, died of severe head injury caused by a kick to the head, local press reported.

His father, Maxsoud Luiz, told the Spanish channel Antena 3 that his son was with three friends at the time of the event.

The crime unleashed a wave of indignation in Spain and provoked demonstrations of rejection in Madrid, Barcelona and La Coruña, just as the week of LGBT Pride had just been celebrated. New mobilizations are planned for this weekend.

Your closest circle ensures that the aggressors acted out of pure homophobia and they attacked him shouting “fag”.


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