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The second season of The Morning Show, with Jennifer Aniston, already has a premiere date

At the end of 2019 and after a strong repercussion, the first season of the series ended The Morning Showstarring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. Everything was ready to launch the second, taking advantage of the success of this fiction of the streaming. But the pandemic arrived and, after recording two chapters, last year production had to be interrupted for the pandemic.

Now, with everything on track, comes the second season, which premieres September 17 on Apple TV +, with ten new episodes.

The Serie show behind the scenes of the newscast directed by Alex Levy (Aniston). It is a very popular show that has changed the face of American television forever.

But, after his partner of fifteen years, Mitch Kessler (Carell), was fired amid sexual misconduct scandal, Alex struggles to retain her job as the top news reader. And then a rivalry arises with Bradley Jackson (Whiterspoon), an aspiring journalist looking to take Alex’s place.

Jennifer Aniston y Reese Witherspoon, protagonistas deThe Morning Show. Foto:AP

In the first season, Alex and Bradley, as hosts of the morning news, become powerful spokespersons for #MeToo. And it is in that instance that the series will take up the story, in addition to focusing on other new topics.

The news gets into the fiction news

During the mandatory stop last year, the scriptwriters took advantage of the occasion and included chapters in which the pandemic will be present, as part of the news that changed life all over the world. In this way, they returned to the formula of integrating reality into fiction, as they had done with the #MeToo phenomenon.

On the other hand, last week Aniston and Whiterspoon participated in an interview on the BBC, as part of the promotion of the new season and the actresses experienced a somewhat uncomfortable situation.

It was during the program The one show, when one of the drivers, the former English footballer Jermaine Jenas, asked some questions that apparently made Aniston uncomfortable. While the actress recounted the work routine during the recordings, the host interrupted her, making a strange comment.

“I arrived at five in the morning and the corridors were quiet and people were waking up little by little and, suddenly, the train begins to move and it becomes more and more crazy. It is total chaos,” Jennifer explained when Jenas He turned to his castmate to say: “Reese, I have to be honest with you, I don’t think Jennifer likes getting up very early”.

Last year, Aniston won the SAG Awards for her work on the series.  EFE

Last year, Aniston won the SAG Awards for her work on the series. EFE

Aniston herself was quick to react, saying: “Is that the impression I have given you?”. At the driver’s insistence on the subject, a little joking and a little serious, Whiterspoon took the floor and clarified things: “I am definitely an early riser person. Jennifer and I talk about this all the time. I am a morning person and she is more of a night person“.

He added: “So it actually works because I do the scenes very early and at four I’m already fried. Then Jennifer starts around eleven and then she can do the night scenes, because I can’t think past four in the afternoon“.


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