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The President Who Fled Afghanistan: Ashraf Ghani, An Economist Expert On Failed States

El presidente Ashraf Ghani, a strong-willed economist often portrayed as an expert on failing states, has in just a few years become the image of a failed Afghanistan despite international aid.

Ghani admitted that “the Taliban won”, after the insurgents entered the capital, Kabul, at the end of a blazing offensive.

Ghani, who did not specify where he went, acknowledged that “the Taliban won” in a message on Facebook. “Now they are responsible for the honor, of the possession and self-preservation of their country “.

After being elected in 2014 with the promise of rebuilding a new country and to end the corruption that corroded him, Ghani has not fulfilled either of these two promises and this Sunday he left the country – said his former vice president Abdullah Abdullahi – while the Taliban took the capital after a brilliant offensive in which they took the country control.

Ghani, 72 years old, He studied at Columbia University in New York before becoming a professor of Political Science and Anthropology in the 1980s, when Afghanistan was under Russian occupation. In 1991, he joined the World Bank.

His return to Afghanistan came just after the fall of the Taliban, following the US invasion in 2001.

In his native country, he was the first special adviser to the United Nations before becoming one of the architects of the provisional government. Between 2002 and 2004, he was Finance Minister to President Hamid Karzaï, installed a new currency, reformed the tax system, encouraged the diaspora to return, and built relationships with international creditors who financed the government.

He also campaigned against corruption that already gangrene the new institutions and acquired a reputation of inflexible man, often with a very severe character that persecutes to him until today.

Bad character

He has never let anyone “get too close,” according to Pakistani essayist Ahmed Rashid, who has known him for more than 30 years. “Your fits of anger and his arrogance towards his fellow Afghans have made him a detested character, “he adds.

After losing resoundingly in the 2009 presidential elections, when he was fourth, with only 2.94% of the votes, Ghani goes back to campaigning in 2014 and chooses a very controversial way. On their list is Abdul Rashid Dostom, a great warlord who is accused of having massacred hundreds of Taliban prisoners in 2001.

In the first round he obtained 31.6% of the votes, behind the 45% achieved by his rival Abdullah Abdullah, but triumphs in the second, achieving 55% of the votes in a vote clouded by irregularities.

His accession to power is made possible thanks to an agreement with his rival, Abdullah, who becomes head of a government of national unity sponsored by the United States.

Before launching into the conquest of the presidency, Ghani supervised the transfer of powers from the NATO coalition troops to the Afghans.

Con EE.UU.

His relations with the United States, which appeared to be good, they poisoned when Washington decided to negotiate directly with the Taliban in Doha.

His ally put him aside in these conversations since the Taliban so requested and later Washington forced him to liberate 5,000 insurgents, a condition stipulated in negotiations that have not finally prospered.

All peace offers, except a brief truce in June 2018, they were rejected by the insurgents, who call the Ghani government a “puppet” of the United States.

Ghani urged to fight the Taliban “for generations” si negotiations failed in this country that has been at war for 40 years.

The president is married to Rula, whom he met while studying at the American University of Beirut, and has two children. Recently, he overcame stomach cancer that forces him to follow a severe regimen to the letter.

“I don’t foresee leading an isolated life“He had told AFP before becoming president. But finally he did and he became increasingly isolated in his palace and trusted only a handful of collaborators.

Source: AFP



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