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The most wanted man in Spain is Argentine: they accuse him of killing his baby in Barcelona

On Arizala street in the Barcelona neighborhood of Sants Badal, two officers from the Mossos d ‘Escuadra – the local Catalan police – stand guard day and night in front of the period building where he lived until days ago, with his partner and his little boy two years and 9 months, the Argentine Martín Ezequiel Alvarez Giaccio, the most wanted man in Catalonia and Spain because he would have committed, it is presumed, an atrocious crime.

With the endorsement of a court order, the portrait of the Argentine circulate through the Barcelona airport, by the train and bus stations, by some emblematic corners of the city and by social networks.

“We are looking for Martín Ezequiel Alvarez Giaccio as a person related to the death of your child in Barcelona. If you have information, call 112 “, say the posters that also detail that it is a 44-year-old man, who measures 1.78 and has” shaved hair, a trimmed beard, brown skin, an athletic complexion and brown eyes. ” .

The Argentine would have killed his baby to punish your partner, who had decided to end the relationship, something that Alvarez was not willing to accept.

They had separated a few days ago and Alvarez, an Argentine economist with Spanish citizenship who studied at the University of Barcelona and had worked in the financial sector, had moved to El Vendrell, about 70 kilometers from Barcelona, where his father lives.

On Tuesday, August 24, Martín went through the apartment on Arizala Street to look for his little boy. “To take him for a walk.”

If you went on foot, you will have walked along Carrer de Sants to Plaza de España and perhaps continued along Avenida del Parallel to the Hotel Concordia. Walking, it’s 45 minutes. And car, 12.

There, where a double costs around 100 euros per night and the hotel manager displays his collection of almost 800 historic Zippo lighters in the lobby, asked for a room that paid in cash. They gave him 704.

Photos and threat

All afternoon he was in the hotel pool with the baby, filming him and taking photos of him, according to witnesses, that he sent to his ex-wife.

“You will regret”, had threatened her when she left the house on Arizala street that they shared. As the police later learned, he had also intimidated her by saying that he would commit suicide.

It was already dark in Barcelona when Alvarez sent his son’s mother his last signal: “I leave you at the hotel what you deserve”, was the lethal message that stabbed into his ex like a dagger.

Desperate, the woman ran to the Concordia. Wanted to enter but they didn’t let her for not being registered among the guests.

When the Mossos d’Esquadra arrived, under the bed in room 704 they found the baby’s body. He would have died of suffocation.

The tests

Hotel security cameras They searched Alvarez, wearing a gray T-shirt, jeans and red sneakers, stealthily leaving the room and controlling not to meet anyone.

Another camera captured the moment when jump the wall of the pool and escapes from the hotel.

“We have looked for him all over Montjuic”, comments an official of the Mossos to Clarion at the door of the alleged murderer’s house. And he confesses that the more time passes, the more difficult it will be to find him.

Martin Ezequiel Alvarez Giaccio He turned off his cell phone and left no trace.

A taxi driver claims to have taken it to Terminal 1 at Barcelona airport. But there are no records that he took any flights, at least with his name.

If it is confirmed that Alvarez murdered his baby to take revenge on his ex, his case would cause as much horror as the one generated by Tomás Antonio Gimeno, who after telling his ex-wife: “You will not see them again”, would have sedated his 6 and 1 year old daughters, would have thrown them into the sea and then would have committed suicide, in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.

The body of Olivia, the eldest, ffound 45 days after his disappearance. There is no news from Anna, the youngest, or Gimeno, her father.

In Sants Badal, the Alvarez Giaccio neighborhood in Barcelona, ​​the neighbors can’t believe it. They were never so crowded the balconies of the five-story exposed brick building directly across from the three-story, 23-apartment building, in one of which Alvarez lived with his family.

The owner of the copier and printer repair shop next door says he does not remember the Argentine, his wife or the baby. “I saw his picture on television but I am not aware of having seen it around here, in the neighborhood. And that I have had this place for 40 years ”, he tells Clarion.

And while the Spanish Justice is about to issue an international arrest warrant, your car remains parked where you left it, in one of the underground floors of the building on Arizala Street, in front of the apartment where she went to look for her baby on Tuesday, August 24.

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