The equal marriage law advances in Chile

The regulations were presented during the second government of Michelle Bachelet (2014-2018) and last June 1, during his annual public account, President Sebastián Piñera surprisingly announced that he was going to request their urgent processing in Congress, to unblock the project that he slept there for years because of the opposition of pro-government parliamentarians.

“We want to advance to a country that plays with other values, that advances in justice and in eradicating all forms of discrimination”, affirmed the president of the Upper House, the senator of the Christian Democracy, Yasna Provoste, who voted in favor of the project. .

The vote was delayed for two days after debates between lawmakers in favor of the bill and conservatives who argued that the institution of marriage could not be applied to same-sex couples.

“Marriage in its essence is the union between a man and a woman with the possibility of procreating, while same-sex relationships have a different category, because they do not have that option of procreating”, highlighted the senator of the official National Renovation Manuel José Ossandón, who voted against.

The bill stipulates that the marriage law, currently focused solely on different-sex couples, be extended to same-sex couples and that they enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples, including adoption and parental affiliation of children.

Since 2015, a Civil Union Agreement has been in force in Chile, which approved most marriage rights, except for the possibility of adoption, for same-sex couples.


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