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The Cape Verdean Court authorized the extradition of businessman Alex Saab, supposed figurehead of Nicolás Maduro

The Constitutional Court of Cape Verde authorized the extradition to the United States of Alex Saab, front man of Nicolás Maduro, accused of fraud and money laundering by the North American justice. His extradition to the United States could take place in the next few days, according to the final decision of the court.

In its extensive file of 190 pages, the Constitutional Court dismisses the appeal filed by the defense of Saab, in other words, smashes the arguments of his lawyers after 14 months of arrest in that African country.

In the long legal process against Saab, a 49-year-old contractor married to a beautiful model who became a multimillionaire with the preferential dollars typical of a Caribbean soap opera, the judges of the Cape Verdean court found nothing unconstitutional or “inadmissible” about the reasons for his imprisonment.

The court also determined that there is nothing to repair in terms of questioning witnesses or information to Saab about his arrest, according to the team of 15 lawyers. directed by the Spanish, Baltazar Garzón.

The high court Equal confirms that it has absolute jurisdiction in this case and they are not handled for political reasons. The billionaire’s defense had alleged that there were alleged irregularities in his arrest that occurred last year.

The Cape Verdean judges concluded that the constitution has not been violated. And they also reject his complaints about alleged violations in the approval of an extradition process.

The accusation

According to the charges of the American justice Saab, together with his partner, Álvaro Pulido, also accused of the crime of money laundering, allegedly transferred $ 350 million outside Venezuela to foreign accounts owned or controlled.

Both could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison, says the Colombian newspaper Time. The regime of Nicolás Maduro, which granted Saab Venezuelan nationality and provides him with diplomatic and financial support to pay for his defense, described the detention as “arbitrary”, and has organized demonstrations by Chavista activists in favor of the businessman.

The government of Cape Verde has strengthened the custody of Saab following the decision of the constitutional court to authorize the extradition that could be carried out soon.

Saab was captured on June 12, 2020, when he made a technical stopover in Cape Verde while on his way to Iran to import food and medicine for the Venezuelan government, which he claims to be its special envoy.

In fact, to try to grant him diplomatic immunity, Nicolás Maduro appointed him in December 2020 plenipotentiary ambassador to Africa.

Although he is only prosecuted for corruption, US federal agents they consider it a key piece of the secret agreements between the Chavista regime with Iran, Turkey and Russia. In fact, in the last hours Moscow described as illegal the capture of Saab, whom it describes as a diplomat, and announced consequences for the countries that participate in his extradition.

His wife the Italian model Camila Fabri and their daughters they moved from Caracas to Moscow in December of last year.

According to the digital portal Armando.Info, which has done an exhaustive investigation into the shady businesses of Saab and its partner Pulido, the corruption plot links Maduro’s family, his wife Cilia Flores, his stepsons and nephews.

The investigation

According to the investigation of Transparency Venezuela, no less than 89 companies, registered in 15 countries, and more than a dozen lawyers in his defense team, make up the macrostructure that surrounds Álex Saab.

Maduro’s alleged front man has dodged investigations in about 7 countries, is for many a key element to unravel alleged corruption networks that have benefited from Venezuelan public money and that set off alarms in several countries where they circumvented the controls of the financial systems and penetrated, without modesty, the real estate market.

The journalist Gerardo Reyes, author of the book Alex Saab. The truth about the businessman who became a billionaire in the shadow of Nicolás Maduro“, He recently stated that in the United States it is” calculated that his patrimony is more than 1,000, possibly 1,500 million dollars. The profit comes from exchanging the dollars bought at a preferential rate on the black market with a much higher price ”.

Many of the companies are in force, others suspended or dissolved. The tracking made by Transparency Venezuela groups all the information, including those companies in which they are partners or close to Saab, precisely because of the coincidence of names.

Of these almost 90 companies, only in the case of about 28 companies was it determined who were the people or firms that provided their services to constitute them. They are distributed as follows: 27 in Panama, 1 in Belize and 1 in the United States.

Saab hasn’t scrimped on its defense, either. At least 15 lawyers have defended him in the cases in which it has been mentioned not only in the United States, but also in Colombia and Cape Verde, without counting on an investigation in Italy, of which there is not much information, where significant assets were seized from his partner, Camila Fabri.

The complex company structure of Álex Saab it is a “sophisticated endeavor”, in the opinion of the journalist Gerardo Reyes, in which his partner Álvaro Pulido (Germán Rubio) had a lot to do because “they knew that the more the scheme was corporately diluted, the more their responsibility remained in the air,” said the communicator in an interview. published this week.

According to the analysis of Transparency Venezuela, the countries in which these companies have been incorporated They are: Belize, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Hong Kong (China), Italy, Malta, Mexico, Panama, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey and Venezuela. Only 27 companies were identified in Panama and 22 in his native Colombia.



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