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The border between Mexico and Guatemala, the “new wall” of the United States against immigration

Humanitarian organizations and businessmen protested Washington’s new policy of repatriating large numbers of irregular migrants from Central America to southeast Mexico, converting cities like Tapachula in the “new wall” from the United States.

This “joint operating return” of people “contravenes international law and humanitarian principles,” said civil entities and agencies of the United Nations (UN).

“They are doing Tapachula”, Chiapas state, near the border with Guatemala, and other cities in the Mexican southeast “a wave of pressure that is about to burst”, warned the business leader Pascual Necochea.

“Tapachula became the migratory wall of North America. The walls are no longer made of concrete or steel, the wall is a city called Tapachula “said Necochea, president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic in the area.

The Collective for the Observation and Monitoring of Human Rights in the Mexican Southeast found that a new daily flight from McAllen, Texas, adjacent to Mexico, with people without documents from Central America, is reaching Tapachula and others to Villahermosa, the southern state of Tabasco.

The expelled migrants are then transported in pullmans of the National Institute of Migration (INM) to cities on the border with Guatemala, guarded by National Guard patrols.

The risks

For its part, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) expressed concern for this mass transfer, and considered that “it constitutes a new and worrying dimension in the application of the public health order related to Covid-19, known as” Title 42 “.

In addition, he warned about the danger of consolidating a model of “chain return” of migrants from other countries without official agreements in between and without “due legal guarantees.”

This scheme would go against of “international law and humanitarian principles and of the Convention on the Status of Refugees of 1951, according to the UNHCR.

Business leaders in Chiapas estimated that between 70,000 and 120,000 foreigners are stranded, which represents up to 30% of the inhabitants of Tapachula, causing public services to become saturated, informal commerce to multiply and problems such as begging are generated.

“Everywhere you see people begging and there are reports of violent acts between migrants and residents“said the businessmen, concerned about the possibility of” worsening the health crisis due to the Covid pandemic, due to the failure to comply with health measures. “

“There are no words to express the outrage we feel“for the mass shipment of migrants from the United States and northern Mexico,” said Necochea, who asked that foreigners be transferred to other cities in the country “to decongest the southern border while their asylum requests are resolved.”


Last June, the NGO Amnesty International (AI) denounced that the governments of Mexico and the United States are collaborating in the return to their countries of origin of thousands of children, exposing them to “dangerous situations”.

The latter “seek safety in the countries from which they have just fled” and are now being returned “without a proper selection process and without providing protection against the dangers they may face upon their return, “the organization said.

The president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the US vice president, Kamala Harris, met last June in Mexico City and they got engaged to increase coordination for immigration control.

“Actually, that translates into broadening the interception and return of thousands of children unaccompanied to a potential danger in their countries of origin, “according to the AI ​​report.

“The Biden Administration is summarily returning to practically all unaccompanied Mexican children just a few hours after they seek protection, in many cases without considering the dangers they could face upon their return, “insisted Erika Guevara, director for the Americas.

Source: ANSA



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