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The alternative therapy that La China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña attend

Fiction is back and the actors celebrate it. Last year, the pandemic put a stop to many things, including the filming of series. But with strict protocols, now the filming is enabled and thanks to that, a new content made in Argentina, alternative therapy, with Eugenia China Suárez, Benjamín Vicuña and Carla Peterson, will be able to be seen from September in our country (through the new Star + platform), but with international projection.

It seems that fiction returns recharged. Because “what does not kill strengthens” It also applies to the television industry.

On the one hand we have them, Benjamín Vicuña and Eugenia “China” Suárez, who in reality were a couple -recently announced the breakdown of that relationship, fruit of which Magnolia and Amancio were born-. In addition, he had four children with his previous partner, Pampita. And she is the mother of Rufina, along with Nicolás Cabré. In fiction, they play a pair of lovers, Elías and Malena, who want to separate; but alone they cannot. In reality, they were (until very recently) an assembled family; in fiction, they struggle to get rid of it.

Benjamín Vicuña and Eugenia “China” Suárez in Alternative Therapy, the Star + series.

Another is the story of her, Carla Peterson, married to the economist Martin Losteau (currently a senator and campaigning politician), Gaspar’s mother and the star of several successes on the small screen. In the series that is about to be released, he takes on the role of Selva, an eccentric psychologist Lovers flock to

Questions without answer

alternative therapy seeks to count through ten chapters, the story of characters who ask questions and rethink, question a certain imposed morality, suffer guilt and go through their conflicts with doubts and fears. All crossed by a good dose of humor.

Carla Peterson composes an eccentric psychologist in "Alternative Therapy".  Photo: Star +.

Carla Peterson composes an eccentric psychologist in “Alternative Therapy”. Photo: Star +.

The protagonists of this series spread the joy that overwhelms them for filming after so long without doing it. “We were eager to go back to a set,” they assured Clarion before the breakup of the couple. Tests every three days, kisses that had to be avoided, hugs that felt warmer than before, outdoor scenes, highly ventilated locations: that’s how they filmed over four months. They rehearsed the scenes with chinstraps and the full faces were seen only at the same moment of the recording.

“It was all very strange. While they told us that the series was going to be done, everything closed again … ”, recalls Carla. “The rest seemed to be ending and we were about to begin. We finally started, in another way, but we started. First, doing virtual meetings, in which they told us what the protocols were going to be like ”, the actress reviews.

“The issue is that the series raises a lot of closeness, a lot of intimacy,” he adds and says that during the filming time they did nothing but go to work, so as not to expose themselves to infections.

Shooting with fears

– Did fear appear at some point?

Carla: We were obviously afraid. But there is a quote from (Vittorio) Gassman that I always quote: “On stage, death is far away”. Nobody took off a mask or a mask, we all complied in order to achieve a working bubble. But, on the other hand, the fact of going to film every day, made him not think about what was happening around him. Without losing awareness of reality, at times everything seemed normal. We really had a great time.

China: There was a person who was specifically in charge of compliance with the protocols, the “official covid”. She was all the time telling us: “You have your nose out, put your chinstrap up.” We were so used to it that suddenly, we started filming a scene and forgot to take off our masks …

Benjamín Vicuña and La China Suárez.  Before separating, the couple recorded "Alternative Therapy".  Photo Star +

Benjamín Vicuña and La China Suárez. Before separating, the couple recorded “Alternative Therapy”. Photo Star +

Benjamín: The pandemic mode, the actors made us get the best of ourselves, assume greater concentration and commitment.

-Was fiction resignified in this context?

China: On the one hand, as a spectator, it happens to me that when I see films in which the actors kiss and hug, it shocks me … Quarantined, we all saw much more fiction and not only me, that happens to many people. So as an actress, when I had a scene where I had to hug Carla, I valued it three times as much.

I thought of myself as hyper surly, until the pandemic came and I realized I need a hug. Obviously, with Benja I could hug without problems, because we lived together, but the gesture of resting my head on the shoulder of another actor or actress, I appreciated a lot. We become unaccustomed to things that were normal before. And I don’t know if everything will be the same again …

Carla: A lot of actors passed through the series and every time we met, we talked about the great privilege of being part of this project, at a time when all doors were closing. And it was really very moving to hear stories like: “I was doing theater in March of last year and since the last day I went, my clothes were hanging in the dressing room, and I never came back.”

-What does Alternative Therapy propose?

Benjamín: It is a series that investigates the links, hand in hand with therapy. And in Argentina, therapy is something very popular; in other countries, maybe not. In Chile we are far from being a psychoanalyzed country. The series is contemporary, sharp and quite audacious, because it questions a certain paradigm. Goes to the bottom of the topics.

Carla Peterson in "Alternative Therapy".  Photo: Star +.

Carla Peterson in “Alternative Therapy”. Photo: Star +.

Carla: It gives the possibility of getting into the intimacy of a couple, listening to real dialogues, feelings in which one can recognize oneself. It is frontal, very sincere and he has a lot of humor, he’s smart.

China: It has a lot of everything … For the viewer, it seems to me that the possibility of getting into the therapy sessions of these lovers and seeing everything they have to fight is very interesting, the lies they have to tell their partners and that it stresses me just thinking about it. And Selva, who is super hypnotic.

Carla: This series makes us think about the everyday, perhaps from a previous world, which we believe is still like this, although we don’t know how it will continue. But human relationships are always the same. Family, love, relationships will continue to exist; with diving suits or not, but they will continue to happen and we will continue to move by the same impulses and desires.

A cast of first actors

Fernán Mirás, Julieta Cardinali, Graciela Borges, Gustavo Garzón and Boy Olmi They are also part of the cast of this series, directed by Ana Katz (also a scriptwriter of the series) and Jasmine Stuart. Curiously, Vicuña and Mirás did love therapy in theater, a play in which a couple attended a psychologist’s office; On the other hand, Mirás and Peterson were part of the cast of Compulsive times on TV, it was about characters doing group therapy.

In this kind of romantic comedy, Malena (China) has a husband (Mirás) and a father (Olmi). “All work is always a challenge and all work is always a party,” says Boy Olmi. “The challenge was to overcome the barriers posed by the pandemic, taking into account that one of the basic needs that actors have is that of connection, beyond contact.”, Explains the actor.

“Gradually we got used to it. The first thing I did was go to a wardrobe fitting, because until then we had rehearsed by zoom ”, Fernán reviews. “That day, I arrived, I took out my bag and the first thing I thought was ‘I don’t know where the bag rests.’ And when I had to take off my clothes to try on my wardrobe, while I was pouring alcohol on everything, I didn’t know where to put my clothes on ”, recalls the actor who recognizes himself as being very respectful of care and does not forget to carry his sanitizing kit everywhere.

Thanks to the care, the filming came to an end smoothly. Filmed almost entirely in Buenos Aires and a week in Tandil, the story is ready to be released to the public. Hold the fiction.


Star + is a new streaming service that will arrive in Latin America on August 31. The subscription will give access to various content for adults, series, movies and sports shows among others, including exclusive content. Star seeks to establish itself as an independent digital service from Disney +.



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