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The actors of La Casa de Papel hated this important aspect of the series

La Casa de Papel is once again a world-class success. Now, after the premiere of the first part of the fifth season, the cast has revealed that they always loathed a central aspect.

The Money Heist It has caused a furor in the networks, in the rating and in the market in general once again. With each launch of a new season the series impacts, but this time the propaganda has been more aggressive, because after the premiere From the first part of the fifth installment, the program is in its final stretch. Thus, the cast of the most watched Spanish production in history commented on some truths that were kept for many years.

One, specifically, is about a factor that most hated, but until now everyone had the courage to raise their voices and say it. Calm down, it has nothing to do with the history or the quality of the product, but with something more banal and physical, but that caused annoyance more than one celebrity.

This has to do with the costumes, because the interpreters were not comfortable wearing the red overalls for so long. “You have no idea. I was sick of the red jumpsuit. I needed to have a good outfit “, he claimed Úrsula Corberó, who gave life to Such.

However, some members of the casting recognized the importance of this wardrobe element, so they accepted the sacrifice. Jaime Lorente, who plays Denver, mentioned that “In fact, I never liked it. I love it as a symbol, of course, but it’s not comfortable at all “.

At the same time, Esther Acebo, actress who plays the role of Stockholm / Monica Gaztambide, asserted that “Like any other uniform you wear to work, the first time I wore it I was proud, because it came from the other side. But when you get to the locker room and you are tired and the jumpsuit is wet or full of dust, because you have these stains and things like that, you have that horrible feeling, you don’t like it “.

Source: Collider

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