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Tesco Launches Vegan Sausage Roll 25% Cheaper than Greggs

Fry's Sausage Rolls | Image credit: Fry Family Food Co.

Retailer Tesco has launched its own vegan sausage roll that is sure to give the popular Greggs sausage roll some competition.

Back in January, Greggs kicked off the new year with the launch of its vegan sausage roll.

Thanks in part to the hysterics of TV host Piers Morgan, due to his displeasure with the idea that a company would provide vegans with a sausage roll, the snack became iconic.

The vegan sausage rolls quickly sold out, with desperate customers even bidding as much as £12 on eBay to get their hands on the product, which is sold for £1 in stores.

In March, due to popular demand, Greggs began offering the insanely popular sausage roll at all of its nearly 2,000 locations.

The vegan sausage rolls were even chosen as the preferred choice over the animal-derived sausage in a Greggs Facebook poll of more than 100,000 customers.

It appears all of this fuss over the snack didn’t go unnoticed by Britain’s largest supermarket chain.

Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll
Image: Greggs

Tesco has now launched its own vegan sausage rolls, which features puff pastry filled with a soy-based Lincolnshire-style sausage seasoned with sage and onion.

Tesco’s vegan sausage rolls are now available at in-store bakeries of all 624 stores across the UK, and in what appears to be a way to cut into Greggs’ profits, Tesco’s vegan sausage rolls are priced at 75p, 25% cheaper than that of Greggs.

While Tesco is known for popularizing vegan sausage rolls, the company was certainly not the first to offer them.

South African vegan food company Fry’s is once company that has been offering a vegan sausage roll since before Greggs entered the game.

Their vegan sausage rolls made a US debut after the company entered the US market this year.

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